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Artchain AI President Dr. Bernhard A. Boehler Attends Art Basil Showings

Artcoin present a powerful new form of cryptocurrency. Merging these art and crypto for greater diversity and buying power in the art market’s investor pool.

Artchain AI is a real-time Blockchain Verification System for the art industry that brings security and speed to art transactions— from identifying and handling, to purchasing and selling.”
— peter cheung
HONG KONG, March 12, 2019 / -- These tokens present a powerful new form of cryptocurrency. Merging this art and coins allows for greater diversity and buying power in the art market’s investor pool. And it’s a move that Boehler believes will be the next big driving factor in the art market.

“This way will lead to another boost of the art market and will make it more open, more transparent than it is right now,” he said. But Boehler’s new blockchain technology does more than democratizing the market. Its decentralized approach has advantages for both artists and investors.

“A side effect of this new technology is that the charges, the expenses involved will come down,” explained Boehler, before comparing it to traditional art markets.

“For example,” he said, “Auction houses have quite significant buyers’ premiums that have to be paid. With the new marketplace implementing technology, this can be changed and made much better, cheaper, more affordable, and secure.”
But what is blockchain, exactly? And how does Artchain AI hope to use it to revolutionize the art market?

The blockchain market has exploded in the past decade as a way to merge cutting-edge technology with art.
And the result has been revolutionary. From the creation of new forms of ico art to powerful new art tokens, blockchain technology has brought the art market into the twenty-first century.

For instance, artwork can now be created through blockchain incorporation methods. Some are derived completely through blockchain technology. These pieces can feature impressive AI that directly involves and engage investors in the look of the final piece.

Other artwork, however, may only incorporate small portions of blockchain technology.

And when it comes to this technology, perhaps no system has been more influential than Artchain AI. Designed to democratize the art market, Artchain AI has become invaluable in this new digital era of art.

This is evident through its incredible market power. This power is reflected in their ability to change the market with its groundbreaking real-time blockchain verification system.

As Boehler notes, his company looks to give small investors more flexibility and buying power in the market, but that’s not even the half of it.

Artchain AI’s targeted verification system also allows for greater security and speed when processing art transactions.
Through its use of asset tokenization, Artchain AI benefits both collectors and investors. Museums and other collectors who wish to raise money, for instance, will now be able to sell shares of famous pieces in their collection.

By collecting art tokens from each transaction, these collectors and organizations can raise funds for their next purchases.

Additionally, investors—both large and small—will possess the ability to buy shares in big-name artwork. This democratization of the art market gives buyers the freedom to own famous pieces—possibly for the first time in their lives.

Experts now suggest that those who aren’t familiar with the blockchain art market star learning.

Because this fast-growing market isn’t going anywhere any time soon but up.
And through the innovation of individuals like Boehler and his Artchain AI team, the blockchain art market has become more than an experiment.

It’s become a thriving success.

For those looking to get into the blockchain art market, it’s important to understand Artchain AI’s full impact. And in this regard, it must be noted that the system benefits artists, collectors, and investors.
Namely, Artchain AI’s decentralized system provides the perfect boost to the careers of aspiring artists. In this way, Boehler’s system addresses the decreasing utility of traditional art market platforms.

Artchain AI’s blockchain verification system does this in a number of ways.
Importantly, Artchain AI protects an artist’s right to their work, making it so that others are unable to modify the piece once it’s put on the market.

And because even small investors are able to buy shares in the artwork, artists enjoy access to a wider market than ever before. By being able to make profits off transactions, budding artists can raise money critical to the advancement of their art careers.

For investors and collectors, however, Artchain AI offers more than financial benefits. It can also protect against the buying of duplicate or fake merchandise.
It’s the ability to create a transparent market means that merchandise can’t be duplicated. This gives investors the peace of mind needed to conduct transactions in the marketplace. Because data is transparent, transactions can be conducted with unprecedented security.

In the same vein, Artchain AI prevents the possibility of forgery. Because the artist’s identity is intricately embedded within the piece, this blockchain authentication system precludes the possibility that investors will purchase a work of forgery.
Artchain AI’s incredible authentication system has made it an integral part of the blockchain art market. The hottest of these blockchain art markets are in China, the USA, and in Europe, and this only looks to grow as blockchain continues to gain traction.

This proves especially true in that Artchain’s powerful functionality allows for market-enhancing fundraising. Namely, funds and art coins raised can be used to help in the repatriation of artwork from foreign collections back into museums in their country of origin.
In this way, Artchain AI has the ability to redefine the art market.
So how, exactly, does Artchain AI work?
This powerful blockchain system uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the identifying, handling, purchasing, and selling of both acclaimed and lesser-known artwork.

What sets Artchain AI apart from traditional methods in the art market is its ability to establish a trackable art registry. It’s unique ability to allow artists to hold an equity stake in their work boasts game-changing consequences.
Under traditional markets, artists generally receive a one-time fee for their work. While these may sometimes be handsome fees, it’s all-too-common that the value of a piece of art increases over time.
Because the resale value of a particular piece of art can sometimes be higher than the original buying price, it’s possible for collectors to make more money off a piece of art than the artist.
With Artchain AI, this injustice has become a thing of the past.

Because artists can keep an equity stake in their own work, they accumulate profit through every purchase. When transactions are made, the artist will receive valuable art tokens. A form of art cryptocurrency, these tokens have real buying power in the blockchain art market.

In this way, artists never get shortchanged profit on their own work.
Boehler looks to continue his involvement in the blockchain art market with a visit to Art Basil Hong Kong in March of 2019. In doing so, the busy entrepreneur will continue improving his company’s ability to build the new digital art market.
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