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Ten Questions for Republicans on President Trump’s FY2020 Budget

1. How can Republicans justify an $8.6 billion request to fund a border wall that Congress just rejected and that President Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly recently said would be “a waste of money?”

2. How will Republicans explain to seniors that they want to cut $845 billion from Medicare?

3. After the American people resoundingly rejected Republican efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act in the last election, why would the Administration propose repealing the ACA once again?

4. Are Republicans prepared to admit they are NOT the party of fiscal responsibility, because the budget doesn’t balance for at least 15 years – breaking President Trump’s campaign promise to balance the budget within eight years?

5. Given the trillion dollar deficits projected for four straight years in this budget, will Republicans admit that tax cuts do NOT pay for themselves?

6. Why would Republicans extend tax cuts for the wealthy in the GOP tax scam when the facts show that the law only enriched investors and hasn’t resulted in the job creation or economic growth that the Administration promised?

7. How can Republicans seriously propose using the overseas contingency operations account (OCO) to boost defense funding at the risk of non-defense funding when even Mick Mulvaney has called OCO a “slush fund and gimmick?” 

8. Do Republicans have any real plan or detail as to how they plan to spend the $200 billion the Administration has requested for infrastructure? Will they follow their previous proposal that was rejected out of hand by Democrats and Republicans for lack of detail or seriousness?

9. In light of dangerous weather events across the country, including deadly tornadoes in Alabama, why does the budget cut funding levels for climate change and protections for clean air and water from the Environmental Protection Agency?

10. Why doesn’t the budget include investments to assist small businesses that have been endangered by President Trump’s economic policies?