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Pastoral Counselor Rev. Dr. Beth Gioia to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GOLD CANYON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2019 / -- Professor, Christian Counselor, pianist, artist and ordained minister. Rev. Dr. Beth Gioia is the founder of Gold Canyon Healing and Wellness and Pure Intelligence, Inc. Her last name means joy in Italian Through the suffering she’s experienced in her life for 33 years because of rheumatoid arthritis and other health challenges, she has discovered the power that comes from weakness as she feels God’s compassion towards those who suffer. In the midst of pain, she’s found that love overcomes all.

With a doctorate in Family Psychology and emphasis in Organizational Psychology, and a master’s degree in Christian counseling, Dr. Gioia dedicated her career to influencing students to reach their highest potential. She has taught over 50 graduate and undergraduate college courses in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, the Humanities, Organizational Behavior, Healthcare, Ethics, Bible, Professional Counseling and Leadership.

“We're finally beginning to see scientific evidence of the positive effects of faith, love, prayer and interaction with others and these findings support the tenets of positive psychology,” says Dr. Rev. Gioia.

“I look for Divine Appointments everywhere I go. These are serendipitous occurrences. These are unexpected meetings with others who are hurting and need a miracle of love. I am amazed at the miracles I see and have unspeakable gratitude that I can be a small part of seeing God work. God is the architect of synchronicity and intimately knows each of us.”

On days when I am battling fatigue, depression or pain, I often give people a smile on a stick in order to give them joy. Its amazing to see how a smile alters their day and changes the energy around them. I have passed out over 1500 paper smiles on a stick. It gives me joy when I smile bomb a crew of workers at a drive-through window. I started this Smile Revolution, 5 years ago, after having to retire from teaching due to health issues. My tendons ruptured in my fingers 5 years ago. I am a pianist so this was a great loss. I’ve had three surgeries to repair them. I fell and broke 3 bones after I fell 2 years ago. The Smile Revolution was a revolt against giving into despair, by smiling. Scientist have found that just by smiling, we increase endorphins and release positive chemicals into our bodies.

“If I am in pain and pray for someone else, I can give love, and it heals me,” says Dr. Gioia. “Once you allow love to enter a room, it becomes a sacred, holy place. “Praying someone brings transcendent hope. Every day I seek to love more fully by allowing God to fill me. I want to radiate radical love to others.”

Rev. Dr. Gioia describes radical love as the love that pulls you forward out of your safety zone to reach out. Radical love is when one fully embodies love to see how God sees others. One can feel the heart of God towards people who are hurting.

Since she was a teen, she has prayed, “God send me to where people are suffering and let me minister your love.” This has been her calling.

“My weakness becomes my strength, because, automatically a client’s heart is opens when they see my arthritic hands, even if it’s to help me open a bottle of water,” says Dr. Gioia. “When there's fear, we have our eyes on ourselves. The more we suffer, the smaller our world becomes. We only see our own pain. When we choose to love, our perspective broadens to see the needs of others. Christ demonstrated this even as he was on the cross feeling great agony. He focused upon the needs of his mother Mary. Praying and showing compassion for others is a great distraction and, by God’s grace, helps one transcend pain. Healers are healed as they love.
I want clients to know that perfect love cast out fear. Only when they choose love over judgement can they be free of self-hate.

“I use therapeutic prayer with those clients who are open to faith,” says Dr. Rev. Gioia. “God sees them as they are. They are always surrounded by love and light. The Greek word for the Holy Spirit the Bible is “paraclete,” which means “one called alongside to help, the counselor, the exhorter.” Being in the Spirit allows me to receive wisdom for an individual and have a heart of compassion for the person in front of me. And they feel that. And that's miraculous.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Rev. Dr. Beth Gioia in an interview with Jim Masters on March 5th at 2pm EST.

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