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Cuanza Norte: MPLA defends proficuous policies for women's emancipation

Ndalatando, ANGOLA, March 3 - The ruling MPLA deputy president, Luísa Damião, said Saturday, in Ndalatando City, capital of the northern Cuanza Norte Province, that the ruling party in Angola wants policies that ensure effective emancipation and promotion of women, so for this purpose there must be focus on the promotion of equality of rights and opportunities in education and employment, above all. ,

Luísa Damião expressed this intention last Saturday when speaking at the national central event in celebration of the day of the founding (March 02) of the ruling party’s female wing, the Angolan Women's Organization (OMA).


She stressed that the emancipation and promotion of women also ensure the participation of this element of society in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the country.

As a proof of this engagement, she cited her election as vice-president of the party, something innovative that to her represents an achievement for all Angolan women, considering that since the founding of the MPLA in 1956 this had never happened.

She also appealed to the board of  OMA to continue to strengthen actions to eradicate illiteracy, political-ideological and professional training, and to promote education for the health of women in communities.

Other challenges of the organization, said the vice president of the MPLA, should be focused on innovation and technology because, in her view, they bring new realities, paradigms and opportunities for women in creating more inclusive systems, efficient services and in0frastructures sustainable development.

To that end, she said, such women's associations should be at the forefront, influencing change and mobilizing women for systematic and functional training.

The party official said that the MPLA has paid particular attention to the inclusion of women in decision-making bodies and has set a 40 percent quota for this purpose, obviously having also in view the local elections.



According to Luísa Damião, the violence in the country is of concern to the party, which calls for the mobilization of state institutions and civil society in denouncing acts of gender and consequent accountability of the perpetrators.

The event was held at the José Eduardo dos Santos gymnasium pavilion in Ndalatando City and was attended by about five thousand women members of the organization, among other guests.

At the end of the activity, the official visited the infant-maternal hospital of Ndalatando, Cuanza Norte, noting that the unit requires at least 30 new doctors, including paediatricians, gynecologists and obstetricians.

March 2 is dedicated to the Angolan woman, in recognition of the role played in the resistance struggle of the Angolan people against the Portuguese colonial occupation.


This year, the date is celebrated under the motto "Angolan women towards the development and well-being of families".