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Theodora Uniken Venema of Downtown Brokers Returns to CUTV News Radio

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2019 / -- When a person achieves The American Dream many are awe struck and filled with admiration for their remarkable success. Particularly when it’s someone who emigrated from another country and were able to achieve the American Dream. We wonder how did they manage to do it so effortlessly?

“After I graduated with my law degree in the Netherlands I could have easily lived practiced law there,” says Theodora. “But I wanted so much more than sitting at my desk doing paperwork. My sights were set on doing business in America living the dream and teaching others how to live the dream and that’s what I was determined to do.”

In 1981 when Theodora was only 23 years old with she left her homeland in the Netherlands with just a backpack and travelers checks in her pockets. But what mattered most was not the amount of money she had on her but the positive attitude and utter resolve she had to follow her dreams.

“As soon as I got on the plane and embarked on my journey I met a law professor who ended up becoming my mentor who inspired me and taught me the ropes,” says Theodora. “We are still great friends to this day. My advice to everyone is take a chance never say no and don’t be afraid to take risks.”

As soon as she enrolled in college Theodora became active in social activities taking part in every adventure and opportunity that came her way. Riding a bike to all her destinations did not bring her down she was used to it from her former life in the Netherlands and so full of high spirits and gratitude for living the dream in America. From the get go her mind remained sharp and full of positivity.

“I was playing sports golf, basketball, and tennis living the life saying yes to every social invitation that came my way,” says Theodora. “There were no ubers, cell phones, or Internet and I did it all on my own. It taught me perseverance and kept me motivated.”

When at a particular social event she was introduced to clients who were buying investments in America she knew that was a pivotal moment and her golden opportunity. Theodora continued law school and got offered a position in Atlanta invited by businesses and companies to work with foreigners something they weren’t competent with. Theodora’s expertise was required and indispensable.

“I started climbing the ladder and building my own business,” says Theodora. “Now I’m helping clients make their dream come true. They have researched properties but need the knowledge I provide them to make the right decisions. That’s how I started in America and now everything I worked for I can teach them.”

Theodora loves the motto that Disney stands for “If you can dream it you can do it,” adding “But you must absolutely have the right attitude.”

She doesn’t feel inspired by people who complain about being tired and use countess excuses not to work.

“I came to America on a mission,” says Theodora. “The American dream is a privileged lifestyle of wealth, abundance, and traveling anywhere you want in the world. I aspire to help others enjoy prosperity and live well so their lives could be full of incredible joy.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Theodora Uniken Venema in a series of interviews with Jim Masters at 1 p.m. EST on February 25th, March 4th, and March 11th.

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