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“Beauty in the lens” Film Festival kicked off in New York

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 / -- The opening of "Beauty In the Lens" Film Festival 2019 had its successful opening ceremony at AMC Lincoln Square 13 on Feb 10, 2019. “Beauty In the Lens” Film Festival is an international short film festival co-hosted by Marie Claire China, Eyepetizer App, IMAX China, Youku, and UNIPX MEDIA to showcase short films selected worldwide.

Hundreds of industry leaders and distinguished guests were present at the event and were greeted by Ms. Zhang Xiaodong (the founder of “Beauty In the Lens” Festival and Vice President, Marie Claire China). Mr. Cheng Gong (Brand Development Director, Marie Claire China), and Mr. Yitong Qin (CEO, UNIPX MEDIA).

After red carpet, guests were invited into AMC 25, one of the most iconic theaters in the heart of Manhattan, to enjoy a selection of short videos that stood out from a tremendous amount of submissions by the most talented filmmakers. The selected films incorporated 5 categories: Advertising Video, Fashion Documentary, Creative Short Video, Music Video, and Lifestyle.

After Ms. Zhang Xiaodong’s opening speech, a Q&A session inspired guests to share their thoughts on short-films followed by an in-depth discussion on the future of short film industry. “Beauty in the Lens” Film Festival centered the spot light on talented short film producers across the globe, aiming to promote high-quality short videos that bring together active energies, creative minds as well as positive influence to the vast audience.

As the opening of “Beauty In the Lens” Film Festival closed with an applause, we got a chance to have a few words with Gong Cheng, Brand Development Director of Marie Claire China.

Q: Why do you want to make a short video award ?

A: The world is about to welcome the arrival of the 5G era, and to serve the entertainment and journalistic needs of this era's fragmented time, short videos and internet acceleration will be the way to reach the most eyeballs and connect best. Most current content, it would be hard to argue, manages only to be seen, maybe laughed at, without causing, inviting, or receiving any meaninful thinking. Our belief is that bestowing a short-video award will spotlight the best video producers, encourage in these producers better output and uplifted spirits, and allow all involved parties to receive increased marketplace attention while generating more (and more valuable) aesthetic video content.

Q: What is the common purpose of seeing that there are three different types of video platforms?

A: 1.) Indeed, after we introduced the short-video awards idea, a number of reputable video platforms came to us and sought cooperation. Our final choice, we have decided, will be to work in conjunction with IMAX because we feel that this widely recognized platform represents the most efficient, most memorable, even most spectacular platform to present audio-visual accomplishment. After all, it is unlikely that there could be any video creator without a feature-length dream and who would not aspire to see his or work displayed on the big screen. We want to present the output of these artists with maximum quality. 2.) We look at the Eyepetizer App, with its consummate design sense and consistently highest quality content, as the best, if not only, highly regarded short-video platform in China. It sets standards and determines professional views. And 3.)The Youku platform opens up e-commerce and homes and refines excellent content, while we will be continuing in our efforts to explore new modes of content creation and marketing.

Q: How is the classification of works considered? Which category of works has the best participation now?

A: Like movies, the video works would be classified by genre, subject matter, and target audience. Our classification is not necessarily comprehensive, but as far as possible, our intention will be to let each short video find its most suitable category from among five: dramatic, comedic, music, advertising, and fashion documentary. At present, advertising and creative works are most ubiquitous, while fashion documentary works are still being collected.

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