XGlass is the BEST giant screen mobile entertainment gadget at home, on airplane, car, train, or in college dorm



XGlass is 130g lightweight, even little kids can wear it long period of time

XGlass is 130g lightweight, even little kids can wear it long period of time

XGlass is much smaller and lighter than Oculus Go

XGlass is much smaller and lighter than Oculus Go

XGlass, the $299 First Mobile AR Theater in the United States, is the First Mobile Phone Tethered AR Theater in the World.

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- "XGlass, the $299 First Mobile XR Theater in the United States, and the First Mobile Phone Tethered XR Theater in the World, is your 30-foot Semi-Immersive 3D IMAX On-The-Go, with total privacy protection", says Sam Yuan, CEO of iGlass USA inc.

iGlass USA inc, an advanced technology company in Silicon Valley, is making affordable, sociable, 130g feather-light, palm-sized XGlass, tethered to your phone by a single USB-C cable, providing an total-privacy 30-foot gigantic screen with super sharp and vivid image, for Best Mobile Viewing of YouTube, Netflix, Comcast, Roku, ESPN Sports Live Streaming, 3D Avatar, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Twitch, Facebook Video etc., in College Dorm, on Airplane, Train, Bus, 2nd Row of Car or at Home.

As the Entertainment industry clearly trending towards mobile and online streaming, iGlass USA inc is providing 30-foot huge screen, total privacy protection, online streaming ready XGlass to meet people’s personal entertainment needs on the road or at home.

"We clearly see the trend in the industry, iGlass USA is here to be the pioneer for the upcoming 5G era. iGlass USA has unique novel technologies to deliver giant screen with super sharp image, accurate color and total privacy, yet the technology is very affordable. Comparing to other expensive AR headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap One, with price stickers well over $2000, XGlass is priced at $299, just a fraction of those AR headsets out there. At $299 consumer price point, I firmly believe all other AR players will have a hard time to compete with XGlass", says Sam in a recent talk.

“Unlike streaming on your Phone, PAD or TV, where others can easily spot what you are watching, XGlass projects the content directly to your retina, so you are the only person who can see the 30-foot huge screen in front of you. You could well be watching your favorite Victoria Secret Fashion Show without concerning your next seat neighbor on the airplane knows what you are enjoying. This type of experience is what we called Total Privacy protection on XGlass”, says Sam.

“Unlike VR devices such as Oculus Rift, XGlass does not create social isolation, you can eye contact with people around. Since you can directly see the environment, wearing XGlass in public places are safe, without the type of risks like bumping into others, etc.”, says Sam.

“Also, all VR gadget suffer from the notorious VR motion sickness, which happens when your eyes tell your brain you’re moving around in a virtual environment, but your body feels like it’s standing still, such conflict caused dizziness is the Achilles heel of all VR devices. On the other hand, since XGlass allows you directly seeing the stable environmental background, it is motion-sickness-free, which is a major advantage of XGlass”, Sam adds.

“XGlass is amazingly comfortable to wear, it is less than one third the weight of most AR VR gadgets out there today (i.e., the Sony PlayStation VR measured at 683g, the latest Oculus Go VR measured at 487g, HoloLens Measured at 550g). At 130 grams feather light weight, XGlass Mobile theater has reach the point for all day long wearing, even for minors. And you can wear your daily prescription glasses at the same time, very convenient”, says Sam.

XGlass comes with the follow features:

XGlass Key Features
• Small, palm-sized
• Fit daily prescription glasses underneath nicely
• Large FOV (80-deg), gigantic 30-foot virtual screen size
• Ultra-light, 130g body weight, no pressure on face and nose
• Semi-immersive, open and safe. Allows surrounding awareness
• Industry leading image quality. 4K clarity, small text reading ready
• Mobility, tethered to mobile phone by a single light-weight USB-C cable
• High performance yet affordable. It is the simplest and lowest cost AR solution
• 30-foot Virtual screen at 10-meter away, with eye relaxation and vision protection
• Works with both 2D/3D content, no device specific content pre-processing necessary
• 5G Online streaming ready, watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video on giant 4K Screen
• Privacy, only the wearer can see the 30-foot gigantic virtual screen, no light-pollution to others

XGlass Experience Advantages
• Completely motion-sickness free
• Very comfortable. No fog on lens
• Accurate and vivid color, no color fringing
• Easy to use, no individual user calibration necessary
• Simple plugs and play, suitable for novice users engage casually
• Gravity center on forehead, even little kids can wear XGlass comfortably for a few hours

XGlass Typical User Cases
• TV and Movie Theater replacement for young generations (5 to 30-year old) -To C
• Mobile giant screen for Smart Phone, providing gaming, movie, and monitor screens for phones -To C
• Mobile giant screen for gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PlayStation -To C
• Mobile entertainment on Airplane, Train, Bus, Taxi and Car, integrated onto systems directly - To B
• Visual impairment enhancement, Education and medical Application, Industry Application, and many others...

“To me, this small, lightweight, sociable, total-privacy 30-foot giant screen, motion-sick free gadget could have important business applications too. Imagine all Airlines start adding the 130-gram, palm-sized XGlass on each of theirs seats, replacing the heavy and small 10-inch screen LCD based entertainment systems current out there on the airplanes, the weight and space saving on the airplanes simply equals $$$ saving for the Airlines, for each trip. More importantly, XGlass' private 30-foot giant screen brings invaluable user experience on the road, making the trip a pleasant relaxation period for the passengers. I would guess all Airplanes have to adapt to XGlass sooner or later, as going Giant-Screen experience is the trend and no business can against the trend,” said Sam.

"If you want to learn more about iGlass, in this 1.2 million people watched Video, Linus Tech Tips provided a detailed introduction on iGlass USA inc's display technology," continues Sam.

美国 iGlass 公司中文简介:
美国 iGlass 公司是一家位于美国硅谷的业界领先的增强现实和混合现实高新技术公司。该公司致力于推动增强现实和混合现实技术的实用化,在5G时代引领行业,把一般人眼中高科技含量十足的增强现实和混合现实眼镜产品普及,推向巨量的普通消费者市场。

iGlass 公司目前的核心产品是针对普通消费者的极高性价比 XGlass 开放式超高清(目前4K,下一步8K) 移动眼前巨屏, 其主要使用场景包括:
1)给手机终端提供看电影,玩游戏和移动办公显示器巨屏, 显著提升手机终端用户的体验,拓展手机终端的使用场景;
4)基于5G宽带网,推动AR眼镜在飞机,高铁,大巴等城际交通载具中的集成应用,提升旅客旅途中的开放式超高清巨屏娱乐体验。 在完全保护隐私的同时,开放式可感知环境;

iGlass公司产品具有如下三个特征: 技术全球领先,产品定位精准,市场需求巨大。


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