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All-Woman Airport Executives Panel Piloted an Insightful Discussion During 2018 AMAC Convention with Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

The AMAC Convention was completely rocked by an all-woman panel that gave the industry the woman’s touch that it needed.

LEWISTON, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2019 / -- The aviation industry has always been dominated by men. However, Stephanie Morgan along with five other leading ladies paneled it out this year, adding insightful discussions to the mix. This certainly was not the norm but according to convention enthusiasts, it as hard to guess. Each panelist was passionate and excited about what they were saying. It was clear that they all poured their heart and soul into being there and maintaining relevance.

Stephanie Morgan is extremely proud of her accomplishment. Sitting up there with those women, talking about her passion was invigorating. After all, Morgan is no stranger to overcoming gender challenges. However, at the panel, Morgan felt as though she had truly overcome a barrier.

First Women Panel

It is strange to think that in 2018 first women panel is an actual milestone. Yet, this was the case at this year’s the 2018 AMAC Convention. The panel consisted of six women: Lance Lyttle, Deborah Flint, Chellie Cameron, Rosa Beckett, Liliana Rambo, Stephanie Morgan, and Krystal Brumfield. Each woman is a leader in their respective airport, with a glowing professional reputation. They all worked extremely hard to get where they are. These women have earned their right to be on the panel many times over. Now, finally, they get the chance and they could not be prouder.

Discussions Throughout the Panel

Ironically, or perhaps appropriately, the women were there to discuss diversity within the aviation field. The women were able to speak in front of their peers about industry issues. This is a major step in the right direction. Having people who have likely experienced some form of discrimination come together and rally for a solution causes a paradigm shift. Having the discussion is the first step in making real, meaningful change throughout the industry. Bringing awareness through people who have persevered helps to clear the path for future generations. This panel proves that women are an asset to the aviation industry. Women can solve problems in the same fashion as their male counterpart. This will undoubtedly be a turning point in the years to come.

Moving Forward

Civil conversation can fix many issues. Problems get resolved when people are willing to compromise and listen to one another. Therefore, while one all-women panel will not change the entirety of the industries diversity issues, it is a start. There always must be a first for change to transpire.

In summation, Stephanie Morgan is honored to be a part of this all-women panel. Morgan has found her passion in her aviation career. Therefore, Stephanie Morgan is excited to be honored with the title of a panelist. Being recognized as a public representative is a great achievement. This is especially because 2018 was the first year that there was an all-women panel. Thankfully, the panel discussion went incredibly well. Therefore, it is likely that Morgan and her co-panelists will be coming back for an encore in 2019.

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