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Author Larry Farmer to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CALDWELL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2019 / -- Great fiction requires the same sense of adventure as great journalism and the same willingness to experience the fullness of life, the good and the bad. Great writers like Ernest Hemingway immersed themselves in life all over the world and shared what they observed through fictionalized accounts.

Like Hemingway before him, Larry Farmer wants to tell real stories: stories of his adventurous life and from his adventurous imagination. Farmer is the author of The Kerr Construction Company, I Will Be the One, Overland on the Hippie Trail, Seeing Gail Again, A Thousand Miles from Nowhere, Rendezvous with Fay, through Wild Rose Press. His most recent novel My Journey Into the Oncoming Holocaust, is self-published.

“I've seen and done so much. I didn't want to just write another zombie novel or outer space novel,” says Farmer. “I want to be a writer, but I don't want to be a writer just to tell a story. I want to say what I want to say. I want the reader to see life through my eyes. There's a real world out there that I wanted to relate.”

Born in Harlingen, TX in 1948, Farmer grew up on a cotton farm. In 1970, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps, where he served as an enlisted man attaining the rank of Sergeant. He’s worked as a computer programmer in Houston, a civil servant in Frankfurt, Germany. He aided the Jewish State in the Yom Kippur War. He was in Greece in the summer of 1974 when the war with Turkey erupted over Cyprus. He’s taught English in Taiwan and earned a master's degree in Agricultural Economics. In 1984, he joined the US Peace Corps and served for three years in the Philippines during the Catholic revolt that overthrew the Marcos.

With a life like that, Farmer says his stories write themselves, his job is simply to piece it together and shape it.

“I joined the Marine Corps to go to Vietnam and I probably saw more danger while I was in the Peace Corps,” says Farmer. “There was a girl in the Peace Corps with me in the next town, so there's a love story. It only enhances the story. It’s something people can identify with. How do you not write a novel about that kind of stuff?”

Combining his adventures with a love story was something Farmer says he learned from his first editor.

“I got my first short story contracted and accepted,” recalls Farmer, “but my editors convinced me to expand it into a novella. It was a day-in-the-life adventure story, but I mentioned there was a girl. My editor said, ‘Why don't you expand on that?’ She didn't require it; she just said it would make it better. If it’s just a pure adventure story can run into dry areas trying to get from one scene to the next, but if you've got a love story, it keeps the story moving.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Larry Farmer in an interview with Jim Masters on February 20th at 5pm EST.

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