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Author Elsie Clay to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

JACKSON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2019 / -- With a staggering amount of sexual abuse/child trafficking around the world, we often hear the tragic stories of how lives are ultimately destroyed. Most people turn to drugs, alcohol, or violence in order to cope with our decisions. When a true story comes along about a woman who learns to live with the cruel hand dealt… from innocence… to a violent and heartless young life; it is time to pay very close attention. Sex crimes are one of the deepest roots of the downfall of America. These crimes against children effect every single one of us. They are pure evil, well-organized around the world, and against what human beings consider morally acceptable. Most of us want to look the other way be-cause, “It might feel too uncomfortable” or, “This should be kept secret” and “This would never happen in my family.” Cola Girl is a truly inspirational, compelling, and inspiring story for all of us to share. This story is just the tip of the iceberg to bring back the sanity to our children and grandchildren.

Annie’s great great uncle was Asa Griggs Candler. He founded the Coca Cola Company in 1892. Annie is publishing under the pen name of Elsie Clay, and is the author of the praise worthy book Cola Girl.

“The purpose of my book is to help heal humanity one human at a time and our planet Earth forever.” says Annie. “By finally sharing my story with the world, my hope is to encourage those who have been sexually abused through no fault of their own; to face the world with pride, and demand these criminals be punished and kept away from society. It’s about enabling us to move forward optimistically with positive successes.”

Annie’s early recollection of brutal, unrelenting cruelty and abuse, begins when she was just six years old at the hands of her own father whom she calls, “Blind Guy,” (he was legally blind), her stepmother, “Ugly,” and her brothers, “Zero,” and “Roach.” Forced to endure molestation, rape, and torture at the hands of her own family members, Annie recounts in nail biting detail the harrowing events of her life. Annie delivers her story with candor, exceptional willpower, resolve, and tenacity.

“I wrote this book with tremendous love because that’s all there is in this world that genuinely counts,” says Annie. “All human beings are profoundly connected. We are sovereign individuals with distinct spirits. We have been given free will and must learn to exercise that right in a positive direction. It is not that difficult.”

Annie affirms the reality that abuse leaves permanent physical, mental, and emotional scars, no matter how many mental professionals a person sees. That is the sinister and disturbing repercussions of how sexual abuse never fully dissolves. A bright and promising future can achieved if we open ourselves up to forgiving, healing, and being grateful.

“Family is priceless but when our relatives let us down, we tend to look for a new family and new friends,” says Annie. “With my faith in God, the support of my friends, and the love of my precious grandchildren, I have triumphed over the terrible times for now. My life is complete and fulfilled with contentment. All of us will feel compensated when we see criminals go to, and stay in, jail. We need to enforce the laws with NO exceptions. Micro-chip the perverted criminals; not our precious children.”

Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. Annie, Grace, (the main character in Cola Girl) and Elsie Clay, are all the same person. In some way it made tackling this difficult subject easier to write, though apparently not for marketing purposes!

Annie attributes some of her endearing remarkable strength to her innate sense of humor which has carried her throughout her life.

“Laughter is a common healing thread all humanity shares,” says Annie. “Enjoy deep belly laughing; find humor and use it every day. It truly heals our souls and is a funny, God given gift.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Annie in an interview with Jim Masters on February 18th at 5 p.m. EST.

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