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Paula Ryan, Candidate for Mayor of West Palm Beach, Details Her Long-Proven Plan to Address Homelessness

Paula Ryan for Mayor of West Palm Beach

Paula Ryan for Mayor

Paula Ryan, candidate for Mayor of West Palm Beach, recently unveiled her long-proven 4-point plan to address homelessness in the City’s downtown.

My opponents are only now considering how to address homelessness. I’m the only candidate who has spoken out on this issue for a long time.”
— Paula Ryan, Candidate for Mayor of West Palm Beach
WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2019 / -- Paula Ryan says she has been working to solve the City’s homeless problem for several years now and has already developed a robust plan to do just that. According to Ryan, candidate for Mayor of West Palm Beach, “I’ve been actively pushing to prioritize the homeless problem as a City Commissioner but with our ‘strong mayor’ system of government, it has been challenging to see real, effective measures put into action.”

Ryan continued to express her commitment to restoring West Palm Beach’s neighborhoods. “As your next mayor, I will inherit this growing problem. The good news is that I am not new to this. I have been working closely with existing programs and developing innovative methods that will actually work to keep our streets and sidewalks safer and deliver help where it is needed. I’ve spent decades building proven, trusted plans.”

“My opponents are only now considering how to address homelessness. I’m the only candidate who has spoken out on this issue for a long time. As mayor, I will be a champion for the rights of all involved, the downtown business owners, the residents of our City, and the homeless. I am well aware of the challenges the City faces and have a proud record of achievement in this area.”

According to Ryan, her plan provides for an immediate response to the current situation that has individuals camped-out in front of businesses, in our City parks, and along our sidewalks. She says her actions will begin on day one of her mayorship and lead to long-term solutions creating long-lasting results. Ryan’s plan includes:

• A 24/7 Mobile Intervention Program. Ryan’s plan uses a team of experts in addiction, recovery, placement and the provision of support services for the homeless. She also intends to bolster efforts with additional law enforcement coverage. The team of qualified individuals will determine whether a homeless person is someone who is criminally negligent or has had some unresolved involvement with law enforcement, whether they suffer from drug addiction, or whether they are willing and able to work if they had a job. The team will then provide them with the appropriate services necessary.

• OFF THE STREETS programs. Ryan’s plan will take advantage of the already existing programs designed to compassionately move the homeless off the streets. The City will expand its existing partnerships with non-profit organizations and develop new ones that operate these programs. The goal of the City and the non-profits is to help the homeless find appropriate housing and to provide them with assistance for their medical and psychiatric needs and counseling for their drug problems, especially opioid addiction. The City will prioritize efforts to achieve this end as well as leverage state and federal dollars. This and all portions of Paula’s homelessness plan will have limitations to deter any who believe they could take advantage of the City’s “endless resources.” She says the goal with all parts of her plan is to direct individuals toward self-sufficiency.

• A “Community Homeless Court” system. Ryan says she will work with the County and the judiciary to create a Community Homeless Court for West Palm Beach. According to Ryan, these courts have already proven successful throughout the U.S. In fact, 10 states, from South Carolina to California, from Texas to Michigan, have successfully created such courts. Their goal is to help the participants navigate their legal matters while also working toward becoming self-sufficient. Homeless courts make the legal process less scary for participants and gives them the opportunity to address the root causes of their social problems.

• Prevention. Preventing the homeless issue in the first place is the key to solving the problem long-term. Ryan’s plan will facilitate the provision of a combination of community services, especially affordable housing. According to Ryan, this is not only the right thing to do but necessary to prevent homelessness from expanding. She says her plan will help develop stable housing options for homeless veterans, kids aging out of foster care, displaced youth, the mentally ill and those with medical needs.
Ryan says her detailed and comprehensive plan compares well with the hastily developed action plan of her opponents. “I’ve been working on this problem for decades, in diverse areas and in many ways. I know I have the experience to get the job done. When I’m elected mayor, I resolve not to allow this problem to continue for another 8 years.”

West Palm Beach City Commissioner Paula Ryan is running against City Commissioner Keith James and former County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor. The West Palm Beach mayoral election is set for March 12th. If none of the candidates receives 50% of the votes, a runoff election will be held two weeks later.

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