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Women's Health Leader Dr. Victoria Mondloch Returns to CUTV News Radio

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2019 / -- CUTV News Radio today announced it will feature Dr. Victoria Mondloch in a 10-part series hosted by Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters every Thursday from February 7th to April 11th at 12pm ET.

Menopause, in the medical definition is when a woman has stopped having periods for a year. Of course, this begs the question for both the patient and the physician: when is that? It's different for every woman.

Dr. Victoria Mondloch is a practicing physician with over 30 years of experience specializing in women’s health, family medicine and preventive health and wellness. An OBGYN by training, today Dr. Mondloch describes herself as a wellness physician, partnering with her patients to deliver the best healthcare possible.

Dr. Mondloch is the author of Full Bloom: Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond, where she explores and debunks the myths of these years, revealing the science behind it all.

“Most women are told by their doctor, ‘Oh, you're strong. You just have to tough it out and you'll come out on the other side better for it.’ That doesn't sound like science,” says Dr. Mondloch. “Menopause has only been here 100 years, because the life expectancy back then was often before menopause happened. We are just beginning to understand what living beyond menopause does to our organ systems. We have all these modern inventions of medicine, but the only area we haven't touched is women's health. That's why I'm writing these books.”

According to Dr. Mondloch, the foundation of health is hormonal balance, which traditional western medicine too often ignores, overlooks or outright dismisses. Dr. Mondloch says hormones should be the first thing we examine.

“When we say menopause and beyond, most people think menopause is when you have symptoms, like hot flashes and night sweats both those are not the only symptoms and they are only relevant to estrogen deprivation. There are other symptoms relevant to progesterone deprivation and testosterone excess. There’s short-term memory loss, dry skin, muscle aches, migraines, bladder incontinence, painful intercourse, low libido, worsening of your esophageal reflux.”

"If I can tell you that taking hormone is going to give you a 32 percent reduction in coronary heart disease and a 39 percent reduction in total mortality, does that sound worth it to you?" says Dr. Mondloch. “I want to educate every woman in this country. I want a paradigm shift in medicine back to the patient-centric model of teaching and empowering the patient on the best ways to get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy.”

Dr. Mondloch’s first book of the series, Blossoming: Becoming a Woman, A Daughter–Mother Guide is available at Amazon.

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