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ChineseABC - How much cash usually slips into the Red Envelope during The Spring Festival?

How much cash usually slips into the Red Envelope during The Spring Festival?

FUZHOU, FUJIAN, CHINA, February 5, 2019 / -- February 5, 2019 -- The Spring Festival, the most magnificent festival celebrated among Chinese communities all over the world, is coming on Feb 5th, 2019. This is the festival every Chinese kid looking forward to the most because they will receive red envelopes containing lucky money so that they could buy toys, candies and clothes. Are you interested in the amount of cash usually slips into thee Red Envelope?

Let’s start with the history of the Red Envelope.

The custom of giving red envelopes originates in some of the oldest stories of Chinese New Year. As the legend goes, a devil known as ‘Sui’ terrorized children while they were sleeping on New Year’s Eve, and parents would protect their kids by keeping them awake such as lighting up candles all night long and. On one New Year’ Eve, a child was given eight coins to play with in order to keep him awake. However, he still feel asleep after wrapping the coins in red paper and reopened it again and again. Later on, Sui appeared, when he tried to touch the child, the coins produced a powerful light that drove the devil away. From them on, giving red envelopes became a way to keep children safe and bring good luck. Today, the envelope is sometimes known as the “Yasui qian”, or “suppressing Sui money”.

OK, that is the history of the Red Envelope, so how much cash usually slips into the Red Envelope during The Spring Festival?

In general, unlucky numbers are banned in any conditions. For example, number 4, it shares the similar pronunciation with ‘死’ which is the word for death, it implies to be an omen for misfortune.

Even numbers are usually put into the Red Envelope like hundred(s) and thousand(s). Also, numbers including the number ‘8’ would be great because it shares the similar pronunciation with ‘发’ in mandarin Chinese where ‘发’ stands for rich and prosperity.

The following Chinese year is the year of the Pig. The pig is the symbol of fortune and wealth in Chinese zodiac. As the new year comes, may wealth always come your way. May it be auspicious and as you wish. A Charm to Bring Satisfaction and Happiness Year by Year.

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