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Andre Paradis of Project Equinox to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / -- How do you find the one? How can you build a relationship for 20, 30, 50 years? How does it work? What is the secret to find and sustain a healthy, longterm relationship?.

Dating and relationships between men and women can be very confusing. We're all walking around wearing masks hoping to show up in a way we think the opposite sex will find attractive.

Andre Paradis is an expert on dating, sex and relationship dynamics and the founder of Project Equinox, where he works with singles and couples to create and maintain healthy, longterm, successful relationships.

“In coaching, there's active movement and awareness of how you show up in the world and how you to recalibrate your energy system to change your habits and become the person that attracts who you want,” says Andre.

Andre launched Project Equinox with knowledge and tools developed through his affiliation with the Mankind Project and therapist Dr. Pat Allen.

“We've done a lot research on people in long-term relationships and we have learned exactly how they do it,” says Andre. “It’s about gender intelligence. It’s something that we don't teach in our culture, but it is the most important tool men and women can gain for a happy and healthy relationship. “My goal is to teach and empower people and society and to change our culture when it comes to human dynamics and relationships.”

According to Paradis, the way we currently raise men and women in our culture makes the possibility for sustainable relationships nearly impossible.

“What's happening in our culture now is keeping people from getting into long-term relationships,” says Paradis. “What motivates a man doesn't motivate a woman. Without that understanding, it's not possible to communicate appropriately.”

Andre says we’re masculinizing women to the point where they have very little to access to their femininity, which is part of what attracts men; and we have feminized men to the point where they have difficulty moving past adolescence, which keeps men from asserting their ability to take care of women, which is what women instinctively want.

“Let's say you see a cute girl walking down Fifth Avenue. You have to have the courage to say hello and get her phone number and go on a date. It’s on you. Old school is what women find the sexiest and it works best. You make the plan. You make the date. You pick her up. Your body wants that and her body wants that,” says Andre. “This is what I teach. The cocktail of the information I have all fits together. It’s chemical, it’s behavioral, and it’s anthropological. It’s about understanding that the person across from you is a different beast from you.”

Through coaching and speaking engagements, Andre helps his clients go deep into the “dance of the relationship.”

“In every relationship, after three months you can't help but be who you really are. The next three months is when people get real. The next three months is how you get to negotiate what works and what doesn't work. Then the next three months is when we commit and figure out if we're willing to go all the way. And when you care for the person, both sides are willing to do this. Sex is sometimes a way to avoid emotional intimacy because it gives you the illusion that you are more compatible than you are. Real intimacy is getting to know each other first.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Andre Paradis in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 4th at 12pm EST and with Jim Masters on February 11th at 12pm EST.

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