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Figueiredo Gel explains why Brazilian entrepreneurs are coming to the United States so often

The Brazilian businessman Figueiredo Gel

Figueiredo Gel in New York City

Figueiredo Gel and the Brazilian singer Wesley Safadão

Figueiredo Gel is a Brazilian has transportation, textile and entertainment business. He explains why many Brazilian businessmen like him are coming to the US

There’s a large number of successful Brazilians who want to spend their money in the United States, in shopping, tourism and opening new enterprises in America, investing millions of dollars”
— Figueiredo Gel
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2019 / -- The United States of America is known worldwide as the land of the opportunities, land of the free market and freedom of speech. Along the years, the so-called "paradise of the Capitalism" have attracted several businessmen from all around the globe who were looking for ideas, inspirations, opportunities and make money. It may explain why Brazilians are always visiting the United States, becoming the third place in the ranking of visitors, behind UK and Canada only.

According to Figueiredo Gel, a prominent businessman in Brazil in the field of transportation, textile and entertainment, the USA are very attractive to Brazilians, not only for those who are looking for business and make commercial deals, but also for tourism, vacations and good infrastructure: “The USA welcome us, Brazilians, with lots of possibilites, beautiful and safe cities, full infrastructure for leisure and business, magnificent hotels and competitive prices. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to come to New York City or Orlando than travel to some cities in the Northeastern region of Brazil, where I live. Here’s why Brazilians have come to experience being abroad for a while, having fun and also make business”, says.

Figueiredo Gel also says that in US, the shopping experience is taken to a new level: “It's very attractive for us, Brazilians, to go shopping in the US. Prices are competitive, compared to Brazil. Many people from Brazil go to the US attracted to the Outlets, Black Friday and sales. It’s a consumption oriented society, where the economy spins because Americans are always buying or selling something, it’s a dynamic market, who absorbers their own production, with a high domestic demand for products for consumption. That’s why prices are so competitive: low taxes, high demand, high production”.

Brazilians have come to US massively: in 2017, more than 1,6 million people from Brazil visited the US, although the dollar exchange rates in Brazil haven’t been favorable 1 USD is equal to 3,8 Brazilian Reais, approximately: "There’s a large number of successful Brazilians who want to spend their money in the United States, in shopping, tourism, leisure and opening new enterprises in America, investing millions of dollars", says.

Figueiredo Gel believes in better relations between Brazil and United States in a near future, what could increase the number of Brazilians visiting America, such as increasing the amount of money they invest here: “The new president elected in Brazil is looking for being closer to Donald Trump and the White House, and it may improve the relationship Brazil-United States. I hope so. Maybe, in a near future, I can think in expand one of my companies to US. Now it’s just a thought, but who knows, it depends on how things are going to be. In the present, my interest is visiting US to participate on congresses, go to iconic places, and having a good time with family and friends”.

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