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Matt Mattero Ministries and Impressions to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CARBONDALE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2019 / -- Music is the universal language. It transcends all people, generations, cultures and religions. Music is the perfect vehicle to connect with our spirituality. When a song reaches you when you need it most, it’s like going to heaven.

Musician and impressionist Matt Mattero can impersonate over 100 actors and singers, recontextualizing contemporary rock, pop, reggae, country and folk songs for Christian and secular audiences. Some have even likened Mattero to a “Gospel Weird Al.” He also can impersonate cartoons, do sound effects, use different dialects, emulate various instruments as well such as drums, bass, guitars, strings, trumpets and horn sections, vocoder, wah-wah pedal, lead guitars, flute, recorder, organ, and synthesizers. He also writes commercials, jingles, movie soundtracks, he does voice overs, and also is a keynote motivational speaker, webmaster, graphic artist, audio and video producer, director and paralegal.

“I love to wow people with my impressions and my music,” says Mattero. “I reel them in through my impressionsm, then I hit them with the Gospel and they get saved by the Holy Spirit.”

Mattero says God called him to his ministry from his previous career in law of 23 years. Today, Mattero’s ministry boasts quite a following; more than 400,000 people have come to know Christ through Mattero’s 28 albums and his raucous performances.

“I wanted to be an attorney, but God called me into ministry instead and that's what I've been doing ever since and loving it!” says Mattero.

A classically-trained concert pianist from age seven, he can play not only classical music but also jazz, pop, rock, reggae, country and folk music styles. Today Mattero can play 14 different instruments some well or others not too well. These instruments include chromatic harmonica, regular harmonica, jaw harp, bass, timpani, saxophone, clarinet, drums, recorder, oboe, piano, organ, synthesizers and 2 more. Blessed with absolute perfect pitch. Mattero can listen to any song on the radio, walk over to his piano and play it or sing it. He has a seven-octave range and can sing like many famous gospel and secular artists both women and men vocalists. Ever prolific, Mattero says it's not unusual for him to write 10 songs in one day.

“I never attended Juilliard or any of the schools as i absolutely despised and hated college, except for getting my paralegal diploma. I learned everything with hands on technology as he stated, if you do not use it you will lose it and that is why I remember everything I know each and every day” says Mattero, “but my piano teacher told me I was going to make it as a concert pianist like Oscar Levant. She put me right up there with him and Liberace.”

Mattero can preach with fire and brimstone one moment then launch into a singular rendition of “Come on Jesus, Light My Fire,” a parody of the Doors hit or sing like gospel artists the late Keith Green, Steve green, or Carman Licciardello.

“We're going to set the world on fire for Jesus. I preach from His word. God just leads me to work,” says Mattero. “When I think about all the talents that He has manifested in me, it blows my mind. I give God all the glory because it's all about Him and not about me. He alone is worthy. and He has me exactly where He wants me to be, proclaiming His name to millions of people worldwide.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Matt Mattero in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 18th at 4pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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