How To Spot and Prevent Domestic Violence? Author Veera Mahajan Provides New Tool

Veera Mahajan; Author, UNREPORTED, Learning to Live Free

Image: “Unreported: Learning to LIVE free" Author Veera Mahajan; Photo Credit: Michael Cimorelli, all rights reserved.

“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE free" Author Veera Mahajan, Photo Credit: Leonard Monje.

Self-Help Author Veera Mahajan's book "Unreported" Becomes New Tool to Help Spot and Prevent Domestic Abuse

If the abuser has no consequences, they have no motivation to stop. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the victim; he or she has to stop accepting the abuse.”
— Veera Mahajan, author; "UNREPORTED: Learning to LIVE free"
MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2019 / -- One of the worst things a human being can suffer, is to be terrorized in their own home; a place where for most, is a location of peace, safety, and comfort. For the person living with an abuser, their home is a living hell. Suffering depression and anxiety, afraid that the one they love is going to return home in a bad mood; screaming, yelling, calling them swear words, or even raping or beating them; the victim of domestic abuse feels trapped—and usually is. Oftentimes blackmailed, extorted, manipulated with money, off and on again illusions of love, intimacy, sex, and even brainwashed; the domestic violence victim lives a secret life, torn between tears—and the dream of escaping their real-life horror.

WHO: Veera Mahajan lived with such abuse, for years. One day, she found the strength to get out, and go from victim—to victor. Former publisher of "The Malibu Chronicle," licensed Arbitrator, actress, producer, and domestic violence counselor; Veera Mahajan interviewed numerous women and men for her book UNREPORTED who survived abuse--and escaped.

WHAT: A must-read and a must-have for anyone living with domestic violence, or who are seeking to save others living with it; the book UNRERPORTED is a treasure.

WHY: Unlike many books on domestic violence, UNREPORTED gently helps make the reader “recognize and confront” the abusive situation they are in, that they are often in denial of. Secondly, it teaches the reader that something can be done to free themselves from their abuse, offering them real hope. Thirdly, UNREPORTED educates readers on how to be free from domestic violence.

AUDIENCE: Teachers, Schools, Faculty, Universities, Marriage and Family Counselors, Domestic Abuse Groups, hospitals, churches, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse survivors; all these and more will greatly benefit from UNREPORTED; many of whom are currently using the book in their teachings.

CALL TO ACTION: In 1867, John Stuart Mill reportedly stated that “Bad men need nothing more to advance their ends, than that good men see it and do nothing.” Let us not be one of the good persons who do nothing to help stop domestic violence. Join and work with Ms. Mahajan, getting her outstanding book in the hands of those who need it most. With this simple act, you can help save a person’s life.

By Veera Mahajan
Subtitle: Learning to L.I.V.E. Free
Author: Veera Mahajan
Credentials: Master’s Degree; Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, Dispute Resolution Certificate; Pepperdine School of Law, Licensed Mediator, Founding Publisher, Malibu Chronicle
Category: Self Help / Educational: Family / Abuse / Inspirational, Language: English
Pages: 107, Weight: 6.9 ounces
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ISBN: 13: 978-1530826315 ISBN-10: 1530826314
Current Distribution: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Suggested Price: $14.99: Negotiable with select publishers / distributors
Author Rights: Author owns all, self-published, Malibu Chronicle Publishing

“I highly recommend this brilliantly written book to you all. I think that it is very important for us all” –Louis Gossett Jr; Oscar Winning Actor

“Any professional reaching out to men, women, and children to end abuse or prevent it, should have this book on hand as a ready resource.” –Susan Hardie, RN, Ph.D., Former President, California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

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