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Lynn Merves of Your Integrated Hypnosis to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BLUE BELL, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2019 / -- Most people have preconceived notions that a hypnotist can put you under a trance so deep you will do foolish things without being aware of it. They imagine stage hypnotists casting some kind of spell on an unwilling victim causing them to be reluctant of ever being hypnotized. The truth is hypnotism is an effective healing modality that not only has great validity but has helped thousands quit smoking, lose weight, and heal from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Lynn is an exceptional board-certified hypnotherapist and founder of the practice Your Integrated Hypnosis.

“Through hypnosis I help people realize they cannot control what other individuals say, do, or act but, what they do have control over is how they react to other people’s actions,” says Lynn. “My purpose is to assist my clients find healthier ways to handle whatever their triggers are for stress and anxiety. Hypnosis is unequivocally about a more enhanced quality of life.”

When clients seek out Lynn, they discover that when under hypnosis they become extremely relaxed and in a magnificent calming state of well-being. Lynn compares it to the feeling of dozing off right before you are about to fall asleep.

“A tremendous part of hypnosis is rebuilding a person’s self-confidence,” says Lynn.“Many people need that boost of confidence that has been misplaced so they are able to combat their problems with ease.”

According to Lynn, our subconscious minds remember every single thing we do or say during the course of our lives, but it doesn’t know the difference between falsity and the truth, so Lynn must help the subconscious mind unlearn those mistaken truths.

“For instance, our subconscious mind is so literal that when we say we are trying to doing something we are not succeeding. Because our subconscious is so literal is sees the opposite of succeeding as failing,” says Lynn. “We must instead think more positively in order to reach our goals.” Instead of using the word trying, use statements like “I am doing everything right in order to reach my goal.”

Lynn also expertly teaches individuals self-hypnosis which can then be used in many aspects of a person’s daily life. Because hypnosis is a learned skill it also takes regular practice just like learning to play a musical instrument and results vary per individual.

“Every single person can be hypnotized unless they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or have low IQ,” says Lynn. “However in order for hypnosis to work properly you have to have the genuine desire to kick the habit for yourself and not be doing it to please someone else.”

Lynn cautions that when seeking a hypnotherapist make certain their certifications are visible, and that the practitioner makes you feel comfortable.

“I am a huge advocate for looking at other sources and options when it comes to taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is absolutely critical to explore all healing modalities,” says Lynn. “Seek out someone like myself who is compassionate, understanding, and patient. Too many people focus on negativity and don’t see the beauty of the universe and we need these healing modalities to live the joyful lives that we wholeheartedly love and appreciate.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Lynn Merves in an interview with Jim Masters on January 14th at 3 p.m. EST.

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