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Heather Murtagh of Reiki and Alternative Healing to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 9, 2019 / -- When people experience intense physical pain or are in emotional turmoil the normal reaction is to turn to pills and medication even at the risk of harmful side effects. But what if there was a healthy way to rid yourself of pain and be at peace without having to take medication? What if there was an exceptional individual who can lead you on the right path to health and happiness?

Heather Murtagh is an outstanding Emotion Code, Reiki, and Master Energy healer.

“There is no disease Reiki and the Emotion code can’t help heal,” says Heather. “Along with the Energy Medicine, my clients are brought into a soothing, meditative stream of consciousness helping them reach a relaxed state of mind, releasing healing hormones.”

Since her childhood Heather has been astutely perceptive and drawn to alternative healing. Her inquisitive nature and strong intuition urged her to figure out what was “off’ with Western medicine, leading her to alternative healing, spirituality, and even quantum mechanics. At just 16 years old Heather was struggling with her own mental health issues and was misdiagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder and more, and when told by accredited professionals she had a chemical imbalance, became woefully and unwittingly hooked on drugs. When she was introduced to meditation, crystals and Reiki she discovered a new world of natural self-care and its restorative power.

“When I bring people into a meditative state they can see things more lucidly and make rational decisions. With Energy Healing I am raising people’s consciousness,” says Heather. “The goal is to get our energetic centers on line again, and clear out all the negative subtle energies that are holding us back from our highest expression.”

Although healing modalities such as Reiki have been consistently documented to provide proven results, it’s still not widely accepted as a standard and acceptable method, meanwhile the use of harmful pills and toxic medications are still at an all time high, as are the deaths these pharmaceuticals are causing.

“People feel overwhelmed and insecure going against the grain, and the thought of being ridiculed prevents them from exploring other options.” says Heather. “In order to look for a cure they still seek the man in the white coat and expect to be treated with a clinical approach even it means compromising their own health and wellness. That mentality urgently needs to change.”

The power of Reiki is actually entrenched in science and logic. When we have negative distortions and low frequencies it affects our whole being since our energetic body has tremendous impact on our physical body resulting in the critical need to take control of our own streams of consciousness and obtain peace of mind.

“When we are clear minded we are healthier and reinvigorated,” says Heather. “A healthy and abundant life starts with our energetic body.”

Because many of Heather’s clients approach her with serious emotional issues that require empathy and direction she strongly believes people who do Reiki and Emotion Code should have experience with and a background in counseling.

“These healings are not to be taken lightly, and many a-new healers quickly find themselves in over their heads when seriously diseased people come to them for help” says Heather. “We must be ethical as Healers. Human beings can lead a more joyful life than we are currently experiencing, to be more intelligent, connected, and self- heal.”

It’s absolutely critical not to be irrationally concerned or worried what other think of alternative healing but embrace what Reiki and the Emotion code offers.

“We are unquestionably capable of a better world than we are living in,” says Heather. “Change starts with us as individuals and by seeking out a qualified Energy Healer/Shaman like myself we can change the world for the better by saving ourselves.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Heather Murtagh in an interview with Jim Masters on Friday January 11th at 1 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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