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Joyce Renner of Body & Sole Wellness to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MIDDLETOWN, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2019 / -- When people are afflicted with terrible aches and pains associated with debilitating diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and depression their natural inclination is to turn to drugs and medication. But by becoming aware of our own life force energy and remarkable ability to self- heal we no longer need to depend on drugs to cure us. With a top notch holistic healer we can become renewed, invigorated, and unblock all the negativity causing the trauma that robs us of living a healthy life.

Joyce is an exceptional nationally certified reflexologist, Reiki Master and teacher.

“I perform Reiki on humans as well as animals because as a healing modality it works on all living beings,” says Joyce. “I also teach level one, two, and Master Reiki classes so my clients learn how easy it is to apply Reiki to their own lives – Reiki will work on any living being. There are several levels of Reiki classes – for example, I have specific Reiki Training with an emphasis on animals. So, animal owners, rescue organizations, shelters – any animal loving person or entity – can learn how to give Reiki to an animal. Many animals I work with have physical ailments or are nearing end of life. Reiki helps to ease the pain, discomfort, and fear the animal feels which is associated with the physical ailment. Reiki also helps to correct behavior issues as well.

“Reiki is life energy that flows through all living beings,” says Joyce. “With all the tremendous stress we experience our energy inadvertently gets depleted and through Reiki I can channel the life energy of the universe through myself straight to the client,” says Joyce.

Joyce is a Nationally Certified Foot Reflexologist, also trained in hands and ear reflexology.

“With reflexology pressure points are stimulated causing a physiological response in the body urging the brain to increase blood flow and increasing oxygen causing people to enter into a relaxed state so the body can naturally repair itself. Basically, it helps the body (any living entity) maintain homeostasis. Reflexology is safe for everyone. The only exception is late term pregnancy – when reflexology would be modified in order not to potentially induct labor. You see, the entire body and all of its systems – reproductive, central nervous, endocrine systems, etc. – are all mapped out on the feet, hands and ears. So, a session and be tailored to avoid those areas of the body that could potentially induce labor. Conversely, reflexology could also help with fertility issues by stimulating the reproductive system.”

“The challenge many people remain unaware of how wonderfully effective these healing modalities truly are,” says Joyce.

“I can’t promise it as a total cure but it really helps heal the body by reducing pain and discomfort – asking the body to return to normal function,” says Joyce.

Joyce has been actively raising awareness through her informative speaking engagement mainly at women’s network groups where she discusses the relevance of addressing the entire body. According to Joyce, Reiki can do absolute wonders for any type of pain or affliction like arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and cancer. It is also a magnificent complement to any work you are doing with your doctor. Joyce’s hope is to ultimately bring Reiki into the hospitals.

“One of my biggest setbacks is how alternative medicine, with the exception of acupuncture, is not covered by insurance,” says Joyce. “It poses a challenge because the medical community needs scientific proof and medical studies so insurance can be applicable and it’s vital that we make a change for the sake of our health and wellness.”

Joyce is thrilled to be able to help animals like dogs, cats, and horses. Although she never guarantees anything because applying Reiki always depends on how receptive an animal is, she has helped thousands of people’s beloved pets become healthier and pain free.

“I wholeheartedly believe a monumental awakening is taking place,” says Joyce. “These amazing Eastern modalities have a significantly critical effect on our mind, body and spirit making us considerably less stressed. It creates a different mindset where people are more at peace with themselves without the harmfulness of drugs and medication.”

Joyce encourages us to pay close attention to our bodies and be mindful of what we eat and drink and staying healthy and physically fit.

“The fact that I have clients no longer taking any medication because my healing touch is working is evident of its powerful effective results,” says Joyce. “I absolutely aspire to help all people incorporate these holistic modalities into their lives and remain genuinely joyful every day of their lives.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Joyce Renner in an interview with Jim Masters on Friday January 11th at 12 Noon EST.
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