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Judy E. Johnston of A Hand in Healing to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 9, 2019 / -- With so many illnesses, stress, and life’s challenges wreaking havoc on us mentally, physically, and emotionally millions of people turn to opioids and pills desperately seeking relief risking debilitating side effects. What if there were a natural modality that brings health and happiness that will actually last a lifetime?

Judy is a top notch Professionally Certified PureBioenergy Healing Therapist and owner of A Hand in Healing.

“I called my practice A Hand in Healing because every person does their own healing and can unequivocally heal themselves, but sometimes we need a helping hand,” says Judy. “I assist people get to that magnificent place of optimal wellness.”

Prior to starting her healing practice Judy spent eighteen successful years working in the insurance arena but never quite feeling fulfilled. After leaving the insurance world she pursued a career in wellness becoming a registered reflexologist in 2007 and aromatherapist. When by chance she learned about PureBioenergy Healing it became a major game changer and she was hooked.

“PureBioenergy can absolutely heal any affliction because it’s not about illness, it’s about wellness,” says Judy. “This isn’t medical, it is energy. Imagine an energy that’s in you and surrounds you, your life force. That is the Biofield, which contains the information of health. So when working with the Biofield, if there is a lack of energy or too much, when you do PureBioenergy Healing, you are bringing it back into balance and pain totally recedes. People sleep better, stress vanishes. When Biofield is in balance the individual is happy and joyful and it is literally life changing.”

PureBioenergy healing uses the energy of life that is all around us. You can’t visually see it but we know it’s present and when you apply the techniques people genuinely get well.

PureBioenergy Healing not only assists with physical pain but our emotional and mental well-being,” says Judy. “As a therapist it has tremendously helped my mind and body get stronger. You can forgive because you are filled with so much unrelenting joy, you let anger go. My emotional state is now so loving and kind I don’t worry anymore. Worrying is a frequency and you can choose a different frequency.”

PureBioenergy healing even works on animals and pets. Countless people bring in their pets for healing and it absolutely does wonders for our furry friends.

“This is so heartfelt and effective we call it The Responsibility of the Knowledge,” says Judy. “When something works this well it’s an absolute obligation to share this amazing skill.”

Judy emphasizes we all have that energy within us. So many people are suffering and they don’t need to go through turmoil and pain. With PureBioenergy healing the head and the heart get aligned and you feel at peace with yourself and others.

“Life itself is meant to be joyful and we are here to love one another and ourselves,” says Judy. “You absolutely become healthy, vivacious, and your thoughts are totally lucid. It’s in you to heal so everybody can absolutely restore themselves. PureBioenergy Healing cannot be put into words it has to be wholeheartedly experienced.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Judy E. Johnston in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday January 10th at 1 pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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