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Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston Vows to Protect Homeowner's with 100% Risk Free Guarantee

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Homeowner's are promised never to have to deal with shady kitchen remodeling contractors in Boston again with the help of Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston.

BOSTON, MA, USA, January 8, 2019 / -- Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston, a company that has done bathroom and kitchen renovation around Boston for decades, is highlighting their 100% Risk Free Guarantee for all their customers. It's a worry-free, stress-free, pressure-free way of getting an updated kitchen or bathroom remodel unlike anything found anywhere else in the Boston area.

The only way that they can offer this risk-free guarantee and prove it to be solid is by the way they offer their services. Before anyone hires a contractor of any kind, there is a process that should be followed to ensure that there is no room for anyone to be taken advantage of on either side of the table.

Sean King, President of Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston and author of The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Contractor, had this to say about hiring the "RIGHT" contractor, "A right way to hire the right contractor each and every time: R - referral. Best place to start your contractor searches is with a referral from someone that you know and trust. I - investigate. Once you get those referrals, you need to reach out to some of their previous customers. Do they like the process? Do they love the finished product? The million dollar question - would they hire him again? G- get it in writing. You need an extremely detailed contract so that you know exactly what you're paying for and exactly what's to be expected. H - have a voice. But you need to use it! The first sign that your project is going sideways, you need to speak up, voice your concerns and let them know to fix it immediately. And T - trust your gut. If you're sitting across the table from that guy and your gut is saying, "I don't know about this guy, or maybe you think the deal sound too good to be true; do not hire them!"

Many kitchen remodeling contractors in Boston and throughout the United States typically will ask for anywhere from 50% to 100% of the money for a kitchen or bathroom renovation project to start the work. That's when the trouble starts. Some of the contractors are the dishonest ones that will run off with the money or take way longer than they initially said to complete the job. These kitchen remodeling contractors in Boston have cut corners and bought low-quality products after showing clients the higher-quality options. That's what they do to keep more of the money in their own pockets. Then, the customer is delivered a finished project that wasn't anything close to what they were promised. Other contractors promise to have the job done in two or three weeks only to still not be done four or five months later. After the money is given and the job is done, or partway done, there is nothing that the unsuspecting homeowner can do.

At Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston, they are working hard to change that and the image of all kitchen remodeling contractors in Boston. They want to prove that there are some that do things the honest and old-fashioned way. They start by offering a new bathroom or kitchen renovation customer with a free quote that doesn't expire for a year. That proves they aren't looking to pressure anyone into buying something they aren't sure about. Then, they only ask for 25% of the money at the time contract is signed. When the cabinets come in and the customer can verify they are satisfied, Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston will ask for another 25% of the cost. That's it until the job is completed to the homeowner's 100% satisfaction. That makes all their bathroom and kitchen renovations in Boston 100% risk-free to protect the more vulnerable homeowner. It also ensures the job will be done on time because the contractors are going to want the other half of their money.

"Let's face it, everyone knows someone that's been burned by a contractor before… The most common mistake we find… getting ahead of your payment schedule. You and your contractor need to establish a specific payment schedule prior to starting a job, but as the consumer, it's up to you stick to it. As soon as you get ahead on payments with your contractor, all bets are off. You've lost any control or leverage that you may have had. He's now going to determine when, or even if your project gets completed. You gave him all the money. Where's the incentive to come back and complete the job?" is what King wants to warn homeowners about. They are leaving themselves open for great risks, and that's not what Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling in Boston is about.

At Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling in Boston, they aren't trying to promote being the fastest or cheapest kitchen remodeling contractors in Boston. What they want to show is their commitment to hard work, integrity, and providing the American homeowner with a new kitchen or bathroom without having to worry about being taken advantage of. The customer must be 100% satisfied before the last half of the money ever is collected. If there is a fixture out of place, they will move it without asking any questions. It's the strongest guarantee in the United States, and they do it because they respect their fellow Americans. They want to reinstate trust in the kitchen remodeling contractors in Boston that are trying to do an honest job.

For more information on the risk-free guarantee from Risk Free Kitchen Remodeling Boston, visit or contact us by phone or email.

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