Dr. Tomi Mitchell of Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics, in Regina, Completes Dermal Filler Training

Dr. Tomi Mitchell of Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics, in Regina, completes Advanced Dermal Filler Training at Dr. Martins Training Centre in Barrie ON.

REGINA, SK, CANADA, December 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- As dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) become more and more common, it’s important that patients are aware that a dermal flller treatment, is a medical procedure. .The injector must be a trained nurse or physician, with proper training. At the initial consultation, the patient needs to be assessed by a licenced medical doctor, who has examined them and reviewed their medical history. The patient must understand the risks of the procedures and there questions must be answered. Dermal filler complications , such as lumpy results, infections and on extremely rare cases, necrosis , or death of tissue, can occur. However, it’s imperative that the injector understands how to minimize these risks using sterile injection techniques, safe procedures and knowledge of anatomy to reduce negative outcomes. Dermal fillers are reversible, and hyaluronidase, a reversal agent, that breaks down dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid)

Dr. Tomi Mitchell reports, “As cosmetic treatments become more common, it might appear that the number of reported dermal filler complications might be documented more often in media. It is the health professional’s duty to reduce these risks and have a plan in case a complication arises”.

Patients should have an injector that they are comfortable with, and someone who is available for any concerns and follow up.

Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics, is available after hours to answer any concerns. Dr. Tomi Mitchell and her team pride themselves on staying current, in the latest aesthetic treatment options available.

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