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Readers Find a New, Wholesome Solution to Depression in Dr. Gregory Jantz’s Book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, December 12, 2018 / -- Depression affects millions of people worldwide, and the number of new diagnoses rises each year. Instead of offering vague self-help advice, Dr. Gregory Jantz provides a more holistic and comprehensive approach to lessening the effects and symptoms of depression.

Dr. Gregory Jantz is a leading author of self-help books after researching and helping people overcome their diverse troubles for decades. He’s a pioneer in holistic care, combining elements of physical, spiritual, and emotional improvements in his teachings. Though he specializes in many concentrated subjects, Dr. Gregory Jantz feels a special calling to help alleviate depression in a growing number of sufferers.

The common solution seems to be prescription anti-depressants or SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). They’re more commonly known by generic titles like Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, and are used to regulate serotonin production in the brain.

“These drugs certainly have a place in relieving symptoms of severe depression, but an overemphasis on these drugs does not incorporate alternative approaches helpful for alleviating depression,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz.

Many patients complain that antidepressants have their share of side-effects, including growing disinterest in some activities, heightened anxiety, and fatigue. Instead of relying on these umbrella medications, Dr. Gregory Jantz encourages people to seek out a more comprehensive approach to wellness. His method of healing, a subject he’s pioneered and popularized (called ‘whole-person care’), attempts to uncover the most underlying issues and provide a thorough answer to feelings of depression.

To help readers discover a happier, more wholesome life, Dr. Gregory Jantz uses his revolutionary whole-person care approach to teach readers how to discover controllable factors and make peace with uncontrollable one. This is ultimately what separates his books apart from the countless others as it helps people not only overcome their depression but to find new meaning and a sense of refreshment in their lives.

“It’s not enough to try and treat one angle of depression only to have another underlying issue arise and cause symptoms all over again,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “What people need is a holistic solution––a lifestyle change that will improve multiple areas of their lives.”

Some of the approaches to whole-person care are discussed in his book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression. Among other things, Dr. Gregory Jantz encourages

Recognizing Signs of Depression –– When someone is depressed, they give off distinct changes or characteristics that they may not recognize immediately. Common “yellow” symptoms include a loss of enjoyment in activities, feelings of restlessness, a lack of motivation, impatience, and irritability. More severe “red” symptoms include thoughts of suicide or death, and a major shift in appetite or sleeping pattern. Recognizing the signs are crucial to recovery.

Positive Nutrition –– With more knowledge of nutrition, medical specialists are able to treat people from the “inside out.” Proper nutrition can help in reducing inflammation and providing vital nutrients to the brain and nervous system for an improved well-being.

Spiritual Well-Being –– It’s not always the physical ailments that have a depressing effect on an individual. Sometimes there needs to be a deeper and less understood form of spiritual healing to overcome problems that hides in plain sight.

Discover more tips for battling depression and way to take control of your life in Dr. Gregory Jantz’s book Five Keys to Dealing with Depression, available today.

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