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California Western’s Marketing Director Interviews Steven R. Pietro About Education

Steven Pietro 1

Steven Pietro

Steven R. Pietro opens up about education, career, and highly successful military food supplies business

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2018 / -- Law graduate and businessman Steven R. Pietro reflects on his education, career highlights, and establishing Justice Government Supply, Inc.

From paying his own way through college and law school to founding Justice Government Supply, Inc., California Western School of Law alumnus Steven R. Pietro has enjoyed 25 years of success since graduating in 1993. From working at the office of the Miami Dade County Public Defender to forging a successful career as a criminal defense litigator, the legal professional turned entrepreneur is today president of Justice Government Supply, Inc.

A Native-American-Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Business, Justice Government Supply, Inc. proudly serves the women and men of the U.S. Military with a complete Catalog of the finest steaks, roasts, select butcher chops and more across the globe. Shifting gears following the financial crisis of 2008, Pietro says he saw a way to serve his country while at the same time doing something which he believed would prove truly rewarding.

"My degree from California Western gave me the ideal training and background to shift to an entirely different industry on a full-time basis, reveals the graduate. "The skillset and training that my Law Degree and the practice of Law provided is a solid foundation to successfully tackle any situation no matter what the industry or practice.” Those skills and their utility are not profession specific and are utilized throughout my life, particularly in terms of Contracts, Negotiations/Mediations, Leadership and Problem-Solving to name a few," he adds.

“We would never serve anything to our Troops that we and our families would not eat ourselves.” To that end, our motto is that we provide 'A True Taste Of Home,' and as such, Pietro is immensely proud of his achievements and accomplishments with Justice Government Supply, Inc.

“I am very fortunate to have a partner that is truly as committed as I am in terms of honor, integrity, honesty and providing the best quality product at competitive price points.” “CEO Grady Renville, is a Service-Disabled-Veteran who served in three of the four branches of the U.S. military; the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps," points out Pietro, further adding that Renville is also a Native American of a recognized tribe.

Opening up more about his time at California Western, graduate Pietro continues, "I utilize my legal training on a daily basis, even though I no longer practice law in the 'traditional' sense." He also adds that the law school's cutting-edge curriculum is largely to thank for expanding his reach and opening his eyes to the complexities and inner working relationships of various aspects of doing business.

Of his endeavors with Justice Government Supply, Inc., Pietro reveals that the sheer logistics and economies of scale involved in growing from selling one pork chop, hamburger, or steak to today selling 250,000 pounds of product at a time were both challenging and exciting.

"In just two years, during the war in Afghanistan, we became the number one Bulk Ground Beef provider worldwide," says Pietro. "The logistical hurdles of shipping container-loads of frozen product into a war zone via several different countries—each with their own laws and guidelines—proved immensely challenging.” “We are extremely proud that we consistently achieved success and through our diligence and 24/7 Client-Service, everything worked flawlessly." “Not only did we consistently provide a product of ‘superior quality’ but we also Source-Loaded directly from our Plant in Chicago and shipped straight through to Kabul, thereby saving the U.S. Government a substantial sum of money on each order.”

Reflecting on fundamental lessons learned during his legal training, the Justice Government Supply, Inc. founder is keen to highlight the overriding philosophy of the business. "There are never any problems, only solutions," he adds, wrapping up, "and failure is simply never an option."

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