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Kelvin Caban of LVIRTUAX Returns to CUTV News Radio

MAYAGÜEZ, PUERTO RICO, December 12, 2018 / -- Owning a business can be a daunting and incredibly challenging endeavor and it’s extremely critical to recognize how to deal with critical issues in order to expand and become successful. When we are unsure of how to proceed with clarity and purpose it’s ideal to reach out to experts that can truly assist us in finding success.

Kelvin is the founder of LVIRTUAX Consulting Services an exceptional consulting firm on a noteworthy mission to encourag people to achieve their vision.

“I am an educational consultant on a variety of valuable issues,” says Kelvin. “My overall goals are to assist and educate clients on notable causes and help them expand their companies by providing them with profound knowledge to improve their business and become extremely successful well rounded individuals.”

Caban holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Inter-American University of Puerto Rico -- Bayamon Campus. Working as an educational consultant for 22 plus years, Caban expert services include science and technology, religion, sociological, and politics. His services can be acquired online or in person.

“My devotion and passion is what resolutely inspires and drive me,” says Kelvin. “I believe knowledge is the key to achieving overall success and is absolutely critical in reaching our goals. My passion is defined by my love of helping people to better enhance their businesses so they can ultimately improve and grow tremendously every day.”

Kelvin wholeheartedly aspires to improve the economy of Puerto Rico and encourage a more compassionate, thoughtful, and profoundly connected society. Clients benefit tremendously from his services as he helps them reach their full potential. Kelvin is self-assured and extremely confident through the values he holds with his consulting services he is genuinely contributing to a more efficient, enriched economy that impacts our entire world.

“Besides helping people of my other immense passions is taking care of animals and advocating for their well-being and promoting the importance of animal welfare. Kelvin owns his own animal farm and sanctuary where taking the most quality care of his animals is absolute priority.

“All people should work collaboratively together and understand and value one another,” says Kelvin. “In doing so we can genuinely move forward, overcome obstacles and challenges so we can grow and ideally achieve all our goals.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Kelvin Caban in an interview

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