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Jean Francois Morin of xpand to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC, CANADA, December 10, 2018 / -- In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, organizations that care only about their bottom line are unsustainable. To be fit for the future and continue to compete, these organizations must expand their leadership capabilities through values, quality processes and mastery.

xpand is an international consulting, coaching and training consortium that specializes in helping organizations and their people find their calling and reach their full potential. Jean Francois Morin leads xpand Canada.

“It’s all about growing to their next level of leadership, which is healthy leadership,” says Morin. “Healthy leadership to us is about developing self-leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership. Healthy leadership trickles down throughout the organization. That's our basic mission.”

According to Morin, many organizations with a traditional authoritarian-based management model would do better letting in more inspiration. Organizations who design a shared value, co-responsible model of leadership, are more flexible and provide top level customer service experience.

“The world is changing; we have to be fit and adapt. So wherever an organization is on the spectrum, we help it grow to the next level,” says Morin. “We believe in value-centered leadership, which is about building the leader’s character and competence. It's a growing process, of helping them identify how they can best contribute to the organization, considering the mission and the objectives and the strategic planning of the organization.”

To help strategize for the future, xpand’s clients explore their values, talents, motivating circumstances through their history, in a creative life planning process designed to move on to the next steps in achieving mastery. Building healthy organizations is about intentionally designing.

“Creative life planning is really the core of xpand,” says Morin. “We help them find out what their calling is, what they would like to be doing with their lives. What is it they’re striving for? What would they like to accomplish? So what are their values that they have? How can they bring out their best potential? Who would they like to serve? We need resilient leaders to build resilient organizations.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jean Francois Morin in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 12th at 10am and with Jim Masters on December 19th at 10am EST.

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