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2019 - The Year of Green Action - Eagle HotShot’s LTL Shipping Supports Greener Freight Shipments For All

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The new year is fast approaching, companies and individuals are busy budgeting for the new year, looking for ways to save money and get things done efficiently.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2018 / -- With the new year fast approaching, companies and individuals alike are busy budgeting for the year ahead, looking for ways to save money and get things done more efficiently, Additionally, there has been a growing awareness for all matters that are related to the environment, sustainability, and for corporations to focus on becoming as ‘green’ as possible.

Saving Money, Saving Hassle, and Doing Your Share for the Environment!

LTL Shipping is extremely effective in helping to reduce the number of trucks needed to make deliveries. Less Than Load Freight will transport products that do not take up the full capacity of a truck. This means that more individual shipments can be carried on a single truck.

Eagle HotShot now uses intelligent scheduling tools that optimize all shipments; this technology now enables the company to move more goods to more customers in a highly effective manner. It also enables a highly flexible operation, that is cost-effective and better for the environment.

Following a recent expansion into LTL Shipping from Eagle HotShot, they are now transporting as far as both coasts to and from the Midwest. This offers immense capabilities to businesses and domestic clients alike. It also helps with the cost of shipping with the added reassurance of dealing with a trusted and highly professional trucking company that is used and rated by hundreds of existing clients.

LTL Shipping Explained

With traditional shipping, a load would be placed onto a truck and delivered. Even if the load only took up part of the truck, the client would be charged in full for the total cost of the truck, and despite their being room for more, this space would be wasted.

LTL Freight is where multiple loads are combined in order to create what is referred to as a multi-stop truckload. The costs to send goods via LTL shipping are lower than traditional shipping because prices are dependent of the space being used, along with the distance traveled, and the individual classifications of the items in transit.

With LTL, you can get expedited, standard, or guaranteed shipping options; you can also get other special shipping services such as internal pick-up and delivery, lift gate delivery or pick-up, reclassification or reweighing.
Clients get the same range of freight shipping options, at a lower cost, using a method of shipping that has a significantly lower environmental impact.

LTL Freight Shipping is The Greenest Shipping Option for Companies

Eagle HotShot has been able to demonstrate a huge range of benefits to clients considering LTL or other forms of shipping. Here are just a few:

Environmentally Friendly - Fewer trucks on the road and optimized delivery and pick-up schedules result in a reduced footprint on the environment.

Lower Cost Freight Services – Because shipments are charged individually based on the portion of space they use, you pay less than the full cost of a truckload.

Suited for Business and Domestic Shipping – Both types of customers benefit from LTL. For smaller shipments that do not need an entire truck, clients get a highly professional service and dependable shipping service.

About Us: EagleHotShot is an Oklahoma-based trucking company that provides a reliable, honest, and cost-effective range of HotShot Trucking services to commercial and domestic customers. Focusing foremost on the needs of the customer, they are a trusted and dependable name in the HotShot Trucking sector.

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