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Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida Presents the Places Where AI Will Help Small Businesses Succeed

Sean Juhl

Sean Juhl

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the way of the future and Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida explains where to expect it.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, December 4, 2018 / -- Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic right now. The uses and capabilities of it are all fascinating, leaving the public enthralled. In addition to the entertainment value of AI, though, small businesses are also being upgraded by this technology.

Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida is a marketing industry professional who is fascinated with AI and the technologies applications. Small businesses are going to benefit greatly within the next few years from the implications of AI technology. Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida knows this and wants businesses to be prepared. Therefore, Juhl is eager to present the places where small business can look to AI to help them succeed.

Customer Service

No one wants to call any business, especially a small business and be met with a robotic voice. However, there are many other functions that AI can do to help improve customer service and timeliness:

Chatbots: Customers do not want to talk to a robot. Yet, that does not mean they do not want to chat with a robot. Research conducted by ICMI found that more than half of customers would rather have their questions answered via chat. The alternative in this research was calling the company. Chat Bots work wonders because they can answer simple questions and provide information consistently. It does not matter what time of day the customer finds your website. Day or night, the chatbot is there, ready and waiting to serve them.

Sorting Mundane Tasks: AI programs are capable of sorting customer tickets, providing information, and alert humans when the program cannot complete a task. AI can complete all this simple, monotonous work. This leaves the more advanced tasks to the professionals. Now, humans can focus more on customer service.

Improving Target Market

AI can help define target markets from past information and raw data. There are AI programs that work across industries which help to pinpoint the correct marketing tactics for a specific business.

This vast target marketing technique is applicable to finding many business insights. The data can come from collective knowledge or raw data. Either way, the targeting is specifically tailored to each business. Businesses can now receive insights on entire business plans or a single product.

Revolutionize a Small Businesses CRM

The utilization of CRM for business management is not a new concept. In fact, most businesses should have a working CRM system that is full of valuable data. However, incorporating AI systems into a CRM can greatly enhance the system’s usefulness.

AI can use the sales and customer information as well as other CRM data to create suggestions and automated responses. It will turn a normal CRM into a treasure trove of fresh and revolving information that can help every department. From the sales floor to the mail room, the capabilities for AI monitoring a business’ CRM are massive.

In summation, Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida wants small businesses to be prepared. There are many wonderful technological advances on the horizon for small business owners. Yet, if they do not keep up with the hastily changing technological atmosphere, they will not maintain the necessary capability. That is why it is so important for small businesses to keep up to date with niche progressions. By keeping up with industry technologies and advancements, small businesses will know when and where AI will benefit them.

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