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Farr Hotels & Resorts Launch $50 Million Offering for Accredited Investors Combined with IRA Tax Advantages.

Farr Hotels & Resorts is a Delaware Corporation and is actively accepting investments via their Regulation D. 506(c) Private Placement Memorandum.

LANCASTER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / -- Farr Hotels & Resorts, an Eco Friendly 4 Star Luxury Hotel & Resort aims to disrupt a $500 billion hospitality market, announced its much anticipated offering launch. The offering is managed on Farr Hotels & Resorts platform and expects to attract Accredited Investors throughout the United States. More information about the offering is available at

Farr Hotels & Resorts, Inc is an Eco Friendly 4 star Hotel Startup company based in Lancaster, Texas, U.S.A. and incorporated on April 12, 2018. Farr Hotels & Resorts transform economy hotels into Eco Friendly 4 Star Luxury Hotels & Resorts for business and casual travelers including Millennials.

Farr Hotels & Resorts is anticipating common shares in their company to be priced at $1.00 a share. The minimum amount is expected to be $10,000.00 and the maximum amount is expected to be $50 Million. The offering will remain open until December 29, 2019. This offering is being made pursuant to Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act of 1933. For additional information please visit:

Farr Hotels & Resorts is also pleased to announce that IRA, 401(k), and HSA investors may participate in this offering. Retirement plan holders may allocate their tax-advantaged dollars toward Farr Hotels & Resorts just as they may allocate the non-IRA funds in their personal bank accounts.

Individual investors may invest with both their personal funds and their retirement funds if they so choose; they are under no obligation to select one funding method or the other. Those interested in this investment avenue are encouraged to contact Farr Hotels & Resorts for more information:

Farr Hotels & Resorts, Inc is a Hospitality Startup that acquires, improves, manages and invests in Eco Friendly Hotels & Resorts. Our mission is to create Eco Friendly Hotels & Resorts through Eco Friendly Transformation. “Reducing The Carbon Footprint On The Earth Is One Of Our Top Priorities.”

The company’s private equity campaign, which is open for immediate investments on Farr Hotels & Resorts platform, let’s anyone regardless of their background or location invest if they are accredited investors with smaller amounts in the company’s future. Every since the JOBS Act was implemented by the SEC in May 2016, many startups have found this new way of fundraising to be extremely powerful for their companies.

Some investor groups like Angel Investors, Accredited Investors, High Net Worth Investors, and Institutional Investors who are accredited investors may benefit from Farr Hotels & Resorts Regulation D. 506(c) Offering.

Unlike other traditional funding such as Banking, Small Business Loans or Crowdfunding where some backers may receive a t-shirt or gift rewards for their donation – the supporters of equity funding platforms become actual investors who with a few clicks can directly purchase shares by the startup. Gone are the days of having to be part of the one percent - accredited investors with a huge bankroll just for the privilege of investing.

Companies like Farr Hotels & Resorts and their investors can now both mutually benefit from fundraising this way. The company believes they can reduce the carbon footprint for each hotel by 30% or more.

Going through a tedious process in order to raise funds this way certainly took a lot of time, and there was understandably a lot of paperwork and approvals we had to pass in order to meet the legal requirements to offer up equity to the public”, adds Ken. “But I’m glad it works this way because it also gives confidence to all investors that we have met all the criteria for accepting investments – and it really is a great opportunity for people to become part owners along with us. Unlike banks and lenders, who really could care less if you succeed or not as long as they get their money back – people who invest and get equity literally have a stake in the game and will also be on your team wanting you to succeed. This is an overlooked benefit that I think more startups should consider with this type of funding.”

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