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Dr. Theresa Schmidt of Educise® to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

NEWBURY, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2018 / -- Everyone wants to win, to be on top of the game. What do you do when injury or disease and pain throw up roadblocks in the game of life, and medicine provides limited results? 59 million Americans spending $30 billion a year on integrative healing approaches may have an idea.

“Every great athlete visualizes the game before they go into the competition,” says Dr. Schmidt. “They're using a subconscious, metaphysical perspective. You can move beyond the physical and access your superconscious, the spiritual power inside.” Integrative healing shows great promise in achieving results.

Physical therapy teaches the body new motor pathways in through repetition of specific exercises and movements. According Dr. Theresa Schmidt, our subconscious can be retrained in much the same way through “metaphysical therapy”.

Dr. Theresa A. Schmidt is a holistic metaphysical therapist, hypnotherapist, interfaith minister and founder of Educise®, where she combines traditional medicine with spiritual healing practices to promote an integrative approach to health and wellness. Dr. Schmidt empowers her clients to manifest the positive results they deserve.

“Metaphysical simply means ‘beyond the physical,’ says Dr. Schmidt. “It’s the spiritual side of things that we can't ordinarily see, but there are some practices to help people to understand and work directly with this so-called unseen world.”

A board-certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, Dr. Schmidt has over 30 years of experience treating complex diagnoses, injuries and pain syndromes.

“I learned from observing with patients and clients over the years that there is so much more to their pain and disease than the physical process that created the dysfunction they're suffering from,” says Dr. Schmidt. “When I combined the best of eastern medicine with western medicine, the results were extraordinary.”

Dr. Schmidt helps her clients access the superconscious “metaphysical” mind through gentle, evidence-based processes such as: mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis, Reiki and therapeutic touch. Dr. Schmidt works primarily with individuals who suffer from chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems. These are people who have already been to several other therapists, doctors, chiropractors, healers with limited results.

“I help people connect to that learning inside, going beyond the physical stress, to help them understand the energy, the emotions and limiting beliefs behind their pain,” says Dr. Schmidt. “How can we change the energy in our body, raise our vibration, change our stress into something more powerful, into action. You need to connect with what your truth is inside, the underlying issues, to manifest breakthroughs.”

Stress makes us feel alive; it connects us with ourselves and protects us. Stress is a good thing, but when it becomes overwhelming, physical problems, pain, and dis-ease develop. Dr. Schmidt helps people reprogram un-resourceful responses using gentle touch Reiki, hypnotic induction, movement, and vibrational energy balancing to alter focus, change physiology, and give the brain a fresh perspective.

“We have an emerging body of evidence in National Institute of Health research that integrative medicine and spiritual wellness practices work,” says Dr. Schmidt. “It's exciting that so many people are engaging in these practices and watching their lives change dramatically.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Theresa Schmidt in an interview with Jim Masters on December 5th at 10am EST.

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