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Author and Coach Vivian Hardison to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2018 / -- Vivian is an exceptional Entrepreneur, certified professional coach, speaker, teacher, mentor, and author of the book: The Benefits of Daily Meditation—Restoring Inner Peace & Balance. She is also the author of the soon to be released books: The Courage to Walk Away—My Journey to Spiritual Freedom, and How You Feel Matters--Life is Supposed to Feel Good.

Vivian states that: “It is part of the human psyche to want to be value and appreciated by others. Hence, many people struggle to impress and to meet the expectation of others. However, that is unachievable because each individual values many different traits. A more achievable goal is to develop what you value without regards to the opinions of others. How you feel and think about yourself is more important than the opinion of another. Until we learn how to go within ourselves to find lasting peace, joy and abundance, we chase an elusive dream, one that can never come to fruition.”

“As an abundant life coach, I work with people who are deeply yearning for so much more out of life than they are actually experiencing,” says Vivian. “One has to undergo a complete transformation of the mind in order to achieve a different level of conscious awareness. Most people are not aware that they are unaware that they are asleep. They live from a basic level of human existence of awareness based on the five senses of hearing, tasting, touching seeing and feeling. Few ever become aware of the fact that what they intrinsically long for exist at a higher state of awareness that can only be obtained when they go within for answers. It does not emanate outside in other sources.”

According to Vivian, we have been trained since infancy to care more about what others think of us. We have forgotten that we were all born with our own individual wisdom that supports out highest good. Through the power of thought, we create everything we experience in life whether we do so deliberately or not.

“We are unarguably disconnected from our inner source of creation because we lack higher conscience awareness,” says Vivian. “Through my coaching practice, meditation techniques and interactive exercises, I help clients ‘wake up’ and reconnect to their inner wisdom which holds their inner peace, lasting joy, emotional balance and abundance. We each have the power to be ‘change agents’ of ourselves and the planet.”

Our emotions are what Vivian calls “the language of your soul.” This language is intuitive and literally recognizes what you sincerely aspire for and she teaches people how to use their emotions to access and tap into its creative power.

“Although we have a conscience mind it is our subconscious mind that is meant to fulfill our desires,” says Vivian. “Since everything is energy and as such, has a particular vibrational frequency, the energy of love can only attract love. The energy of fear can only attract a like frequency of fear and not that of love as the frequencies do not match.” Vivian further states that, “emotions emanate from within and whatever is happening inside of us is what we will attract. That’s why it’s essential to feel joy if one wants to experience joyful situations.”

Through Vivian’s extraordinary coaching program, she helps her client change what they want to experience through the practice of mediation and by connecting with nature. These activities will change your perspective and concept of the self. You get to unveil the ‘real you.’ She states that: “When you figure out who you really are, doors will open up and opportunities will appear because you attract like a magnet all these energy forms to your experience.” Vivian further states that, “according to Albert Einstein, this is a natural law that cannot be violated or broken!”

“All humans came to earth to live freely and explore the adventures of life,” says Vivian. “We are supposed to grow through our experiences whether these experiences are viewed as good or bad. Our main purpose is to live life joyfully, freely, and abundantly.”

Vivian affirms there is nothing you cannot attain that the universe can’t deliver. Tapping into your passion will bring you ultimate bliss. Vivian reminds us to be mindful that if, for example, we believe and thus feel that we are not worthy, our subconscious mind will do everything to make sure we have experiences that will mirror the feeling of unworthiness. This is an infallible natural law.

“Collectively, we all have the power to heal the planet by first achieving individual inner peace and balance,” says Vivian. “By first learning to make peace within ourselves, we can then do the same with others. Without inner peace there can be no outer peace. When we learn to do this and obey the natural laws governing the universe we can fulfill our dreams. We can achieve World Peace in the process. Life is supposed to feel good and if yours isn’t, then you absolutely have the power to change that.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Vivian Hardison in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday December 4th at 2 pm EST and on Tuesday December 11th at 2 pm EST with Doug Lewellyn.

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