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Dov Bechhofer Breaks Down the Benefits of Smart City Technology

Dov Bechhofer

Dov Bechhofer

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, November 29, 2018 / -- Major cities around the world are adopting new smart tech models and applying innovations to improve the lives of millions of their citizens. Dov Bechhofer, a computer engineer profiling trending tech topics, breaks down smart city technology and how it helps.

A truly “smart city” is one that is uniquely-sustainable with major improvements to available tech and transportation (among other things). A few decades ago, smart cities were a distant daydream courtesy of the leading minds in science fiction. With the rapid advances in tech from the early 2000s to today, smart cities are more tangible and realized than ever.

International cities race each other to announce their improvements at official gatherings and environmental summits each year to become the best, the smartest city. If you’ve seen Citi Bikes around town or new digital kiosks then you’ve seen this movement in action. Dov Bechhofer mentions that free public wifi hotspots are another sign that a city is moving towards a more user-friendly and tech savvy environment.

Some of the smart city upgrades currently under discussion include public transportation, improved 5G capability, integration of the Internet of Things (IoT), tech-savvy meters, more sensitive light sensors and more. The idea is to improve energy use, lower carbon emissions, make transportation seamless, incorporate smart technology in POS––essentially doing what we can to make use of new tech while seeking out more energy-efficient ways of using it.

“We’re trying to make things easier for the public, improving their overall experience by incorporating all our cool new tech. We’re also improving the way all our activities affect the environment,” says Dov Bechhofer.

Smart City Tech Upgrades

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, but engineers and developers in major cities have had their hands full with mostly these smart city upgrades:

Public Transportation –– In large urban centers, it can become burdensome and expensive to try and keep up with a personal means of transportation. Many cities have buses and subways (or trams and streetcars), and today’s engineers seek out new ways of linking our smartphones to these lines of transportation. Already, people can find accurate wait times and pay for trip fare off applications on their phones. Consider how companies like Uber and Lyft are already changing the way we travel around our cities with the help of our smartphones.

Dov Bechhofer foresees monorails and more sophisticated trains and subway lines in the near future, and he guarantees they will make use of our personal devices.

Artificial Intelligence ––– Making processes seamless and automated will hopefully draw in and retain more customers, boosting business. This means more automated checkout lines, more smartphone ordering, and less interaction between customers and employees. Artificial intelligence may even spread over into public transportation soon, as buses and train lines (and potentially even cars/taxis) could be programmed to drive themselves.

Improved 5G and Public Wifi –– Whatever the future holds, there’s no denying they we’ve become more and more dependent on wireless internet. Accessing apps (such as automated ordering) will require some type of internet connection. Today, many people choose to work remotely from coffee shops and restaurants, and they need wifi to pull it off. Smart cities with public wifi in mind constantly upgrade their speeds, increase their reach, and offer internet even in unconventional places (such as on a bus or out walking the downtown streets).

“Smart tech undoubtedly makes our world easier, but it can also make it better. Connecting people and places quickly and easily through technology is becoming a leading topic in almost every modern city, and for good reason,” says Dov Bechhofer.

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