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Nelson Abraham Silberberg Shares the Customs of Vietnam Locals

Nelson Abraham Silberberg11

Nelson Abraham Silberberg11

Vietnam is a country that is rich in culture. Traveler, Nelson Abraham Silberberg loves the diversity found within the customs of this culture

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, November 28, 2018 / -- When many people think of Vietnam, unfortunately, they do not think about the culture. Instead, they envision war and terrible atrocities. However, the country and its people are rich with culture, customs, and beauty.

Nelson Abraham Silberberg is a first-generation Floridian who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Once he established himself as a successful, American Chief Financial Officer, Silberberg spends his free time volunteering and traveling. Silberberg learned a long time ago that the world was a large place, full of adventure and experience. Today, Nelson Abraham Silberberg shares his experience with the rich culture of Vietnam locals.

Bring Gifts to a Vietnamese Home

It is rude to show up empty-handed when a person or family is invited to a Vietnamese home. This is a common rule of etiquette throughout many cultures. However, the Vietnamese culture has a specific presentation that they adhere to as well. Bringing gifts is appreciated. Yet, to truly honor the culture, wrap the gift in bright paper.

Haggle at Market but Make a Commitment

When enjoying a Vietnamese market, it is perfectly fine to haggle. In fact, the custom is expected. Plus, it is fun, especially for a skilled negotiator. Since the people at the market do this all day long, every day, it should be an interesting challenge. Yet, when a price is settled, make the commitment and purchase the item. Haggling means that you are interested enough to purchase an item, for the right price. Therefore, it is considered extremely rude to waste time haggling over a price you do not intend to commit to.

Respect Personal Space

Never touch a person of the opposite sex in public, even if they are your significant other. Public displays of affection are frowned upon in Vietnamese culture. Respect is highly regarded and is expected by everyone. Therefore, take care to respect personal space and follow the customs of the society in terms of decency.

Additionally, do not touch anyone’s head. In Vietnamese culture, the head is considered the highest point of a person. Thus, it is revered. Even in jest, even if the person is the same gender, and even if they do not care, never touch their head. This is looked upon as extremely impolite and disrespectful.

To close, Nelson Abraham Silberberg has a passion for travel and the study of culture. Silberberg finds it amazing that the culture of a society perseveres, even though immense hardship. Throughout his travels, the people Nelson Abraham Silberberg has met convinced him of the importance of identity. After all, without the preservation of culture and a respect for our ancestors, the right path forward cannot be forged. To be successful and to maintain hope, people cannot sacrifice their traditions and culture. It gives people their identity and that is one thing that no misfortune can strip away.

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