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TURKEY DAY TALL TALES The myth of Thanksgiving

It's one of America's favorite, most enduring and yet completely inaccurate tales. The story of grateful Pilgrims. Except it didn't quite happen that way!

The myth of Thanksgiving

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It's one of America's favorite, most enduring and yet completely inaccurate tales.
The story of grateful Pilgrims gorging on a huge feast – giving thanks for a bountiful harvest – while showing their appreciation to the Indians that helped them survive their first winter. Except it didn't quite happen that way!

A few of the more enduring Turkey Day Tales form UNKNOWN AMERICA:

* The Pilgrims did not know they we're Pilgrims. They actually called themselves “Saints.” The term Pilgrim was used to describe all early Colonists and wasn't used to describe the Plymouth Rock bunch until the 20th Century
* Many Americans believe this first Thanksgiving was a religious occasion. Oh far from it! It was a 3 day hoedown that included drinking, gambling, sporting events and target shooting competitions. These shooting events we're intended to remind their new Indian friends that they were armed and dangerous.
* Contrary to popular lore the feast did not take place in November. It was actually some time between late September and mid October. Immediately after the harvest had been brought in. By late November the “Saints” would have been busy at work preparing for the challenges of a New England winter.
*Oh and those “Butterballs?” Nope! These new settlers actually feasted mostly on deer. One settler, Edward Winslow later wrote, “For three days wee entertained and feasted and the Indians went out and killed five deer which they brought to the plantation.” Winslow did mention that four of the men did go “fowling.” But there is no mention of what type of birds the men were hunting.
*And that wardrobe? No these settlers did not dress in all black. Did not wear buckles on their hats or shoes. And didn't wear the tall hats that so many future artists would portray. They dressed just like anyone else of the period.
*And there's just no evidence the event was ever repeated. The great feast of the bounty seems to have been an isolated shindig.

These are just a few of the falsehoods of the holiday Celebration we know as Thanksgiving.


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