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How can San Francisco be the most polluted city in the World ?

People wearing Air Mask in San Francisco

India Gate - Air pollution in Delhi - India

San Francisco - Before and After pollution

We had gone to Amsterdam for a destination wedding and heard about the Paradise fire but I had no idea of the impact it had on the Bay Area air quality.

Passive inspired Energy Efficient homes save up to 80% of the energy and also have the best air quality. SIDCO Homes build a home in San Jose with indoor air quality index of less than 50 today.”
— Mohan Mahal
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 / -- I had just landed at the San Francisco airport and when I was waiting for the ride I saw people wearing masks. I turned around and looked back at the airport to confirm that I was at San Francisco airport and not in New Delhi.

I had never seen such a site in Bay Area where the air quality index was Very Unhealthy air quality. Next day I saw the air quality index maps and learned that the air quality in Chico next to Paradise fire was over 500 and San Jose air quality is Very Unhealthy.

I begin to question myself why and “How can San Francisco be the most polluted city in the world.” I left home in New Delhi to move to USA for it is the best place to get education, find work, enjoy the quality of life where the air is clean and the environment is healthy for all. After seeing the smog in the area because of the fire in Chico, I concluded that any thing is possible this could be the affect of the climate change? Our president Donald Trump has come to California to visit the affected site with fire may be he will realize that climate change is not a hoax and may have a change of heart and revisit the Paris Agreement to join the rest of the countries.

This high air quality index is an eye opener for all of us who do not live in the third world countries or the cities in the world that are polluted most of the times. New Delhi’s air index after Diwali festival was over 500, which is Hazardous air quality in most of the places in and around Delhi. So we can now imagine what life is like for the people living where the air is so polluted and sky is always smoggy and you cannot see things clearly during the daylight.

Living consistently in such an environment can have an adverse affects on your health please consult with your doctor for precautions and how to avoid exposure to bad quality air. One of the recommendations is to stay indoors where the air quality is better then outside air mostly.

I have recently built a very Energy Efficient Home where I use fresh air form outside to provide clean air as the makeup air rather then using the recycled air all the time. To my surprise I got a call from Cathy Haire my HVAC consultant advising me to put a switch so we can turn off the dampers to hold off the fresh air if the quality of the air outside is verse than the indoor air quality. I immediately agreed to install a switch to take care of this situation in San Jose, California.

We spend most of our life in the buildings and homes. So it is very important that these places are built to provide clean air. We have made a lot of progress in the commercial buildings where we build LEED Certified buildings, which conserve more energy and use sustainable building practices and pay attention to the air quality for the occupants. But for the Residential homes it is left to the contractors and the city code, which requires basic air filtration and normal insulation.

I was in Paris when China the largest producer of emissions and USA the largest per capita emitter of emissions representing 40 percent of the global emissions formerly signed the Paris Agreement. As of today USA is not a part of the team. What President Barack Obama had accomplished President Trump got out of the treaty.

My curiosity to build the Energy Efficient Homes without using fossil fuel took me to a conference in Germany to learn about the Passive Homes from Dr. Wolfgang Feist. Now I build Passive Homes and I build them with the best air quality and energy conservation.

Know people will value the homes that are built by SIDCO Homes Inc - Sustainable Innovative Design & Construction because we build homes to the Highest Energy Efficient standards. Our goal is to build homes that minimize the use of gas or any burning fossil fuel. Each home comes with prepaid solar panels warranted for 25 years. The homes have a car charging station for an electric car.

SIDCO Homes have no heating furnace in the house, we have switched over to the Heat Pump technology for heating and cooling, this is many times more efficient than the regular furnaces. The whole house is completely sealed with closed cell foam for insulation and air tightness. We perform the door blower test to check for leaks and the performance of the HVAC for the house. HERTZ test is conducted for the certification of the ducts, which are new and have a R8 rating for insulation.

The owner of the home Mr. Hiralal Lulla and Dr. Sulochina Lulla who is a specialist in allergies sees the value of the clean living environment. According to her any one with chronic respiratory disease will benefit living in a clean and healthy MERV 10 filtered comfortable living environment.

This air quality index in the Bay Area is a clear indicator that we should demand that building contractors and professionals should design and build homes with clean air quality that is monitored. The technology is here and we have the expertise to convert older homes and bring them to the standards approaching that of a passive home.

If you plan to do a major remodeling to the house demand that you want to make it Extremely Energy Efficient and have the air quality index of less than 50 which is good for a normal day.

Mohan Mahal
SIDCO Homes Inc
+1 408-314-3454
email us here

Interview with the home owners Hiralal Lulla & Dr. Sulochina Lulla specialty in Allergies. It has the with Air Quality index of below 50 today.

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