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Nelson Silberberg Exposes the Truth About the Growing Water Crisis

Activist and Chief Financial Officer Nelson Silberberg continuously dedicates his time to advocating about the Water Crisis.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, November 14, 2018 / -- Imagine waking up and having to venture out so that your family could have access to water. Instead of turning on a sink, or shower, you must trudge through hot, dangerous terrain, simply to survive. The worst part is, the water you are spending a good portion of your day retrieving could be toxic. Freshwater is in short supply and the shortage of it makes living conditions unsanitary.

This is the sad, horrific reality that over 884 million people are currently faced with throughout the world. People in the United States and throughout developed portions of the world take their running water for granted. Having indoor plumbing, the ability to take a shower, or get a drink seems so basic. Yet, these pleasures that many do not think twice about are causing the death of men, women, and children throughout the world.
Growing Water Crisis

Water is essential to life. Nothing can survive without water. It might be hard for people who have never had to deal with a lack of water to understand. However, that seemingly endless supply of water running out of the sink is not limited. There is a Water Crisis draining the world of its supply of fresh water and it is getting worse.

Right now, this crisis affects contents that are considered underdeveloped. Yet, if those that have the responsibility to help the situation do not act, the situation will continue to spread. Once the world is no longer able to ignore the signs of the crisis, it will be too late.

That is why Nelson Silberberg and other advocates like him are working diligently to spread awareness of this terrible crisis. Silberberg has traveled to affected parts of the world. He has seen first-hand what a nightmare it is to not have access to fresh water. It is not only the drinking water that is affected. When there is not enough clean water, people are deprived of sanitary living conditions. They are subject to disease and do not have the immunity to fight it.

Help Conserve Water

People of every age, throughout every nation, have a responsibility to stop the Water Crisis. Those who are not yet affected by the repercussions are the only ones who can stop the growth the crisis. Everyone else is too busy trying to survive. Fortunately, not everyone must become a volunteer, or do anything directly to help fight the crisis. Instead, there are small, yet powerful actions that everyone needs to do, to conserve water. Here is a list of things you can do to help stop the growth of the Water Crisis:

Turn Off the Tap: Turn off the sink water in-between brushing your teeth or washing your hands. When the water is left on, an average of 5 gallons per minute is wasted, going down the drain.

Use the Car Wash: Instead of using the hose and wasting water, go to the car wash, where the water is recycled.

Take Shorter Showers: Try to hurry up in the shower, so that unused water is not being wasted.

Cool Water in the Refrigerator: Running water to get it cool can waste major amounts of water. Instead, fill a water bottle, or pitcher up and stick it in the refrigerator. That way, you are using all the water.

In summation, Nelson Silberberg is on a mission to help the people who are currently facing the Water Crisis. However, Silberberg and others like him are not only helping the people in underdeveloped countries. Despite all the advocating and all the assistance, the Water Crisis is only growing. If conservation efforts are not enacted, the fate of the entire world will fall victim to the Water Crisis.

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