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Anthony Macri to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 14, 2018 / -- Divorce is one of the most traumatizing experiences a family can go through. If the couple cannot work out their differences, sometimes the most appropriate solution is to dissolve the marriage. If you find yourself in this painful situation, it is absolutely essential that you find an attorney who can help you protect you and your family’s well-being. A person such as Anthony Macri, who has been a superior Family law attorney for over 21 years.

“I offer a holistic approach to solving family problems and that’s one of the big differences when you retain me,” says Anthony. “With my functional practical advice I hold the well-being of my clients and their children in the highest regard. It’s not getting as many clients as possible. It’s about providing the best service to clients and their children possible. I take my responsibility to be forthright and genuine with my clients very seriously.”

Anthony’s approach to the practice of law is as unassuming as it is selfless. He unequivocally affirms that when you enter into family litigation it’s very much a partnership and a matter of trust. Separation and divorce is difficult at the best of times and when children are involved extra care has to be brought to the situation. If a parent does not have their child’s best interests at heart, they will not do well and are not the type of client you want. Anthony will absolutely not take cases where the parent is not making their child a priority in the matter.

“I pursued a career in law to help people,” says Anthony. “Society is incredibly complex and a tremendous amount of individuals are not certain what their rights are and that can immobilize them in their approach. When people are not well informed they can make bad decisions for themselves and for their children. People need a lawyer to guide them toward a happier life and positive future.”

Anthony’s family law practice emphasizes the whole notion that children are our future and the way they are treated and educated are a critical factor in how they engage in the world as compassionate human beings.

All of us at various times of our life needed some help. That’s why Anthony is always happy to mentor young lawyers as they start their career. Also, in our community, there are always people in need and it’s important to give back to your community. That’s why Anthony volunteers as a cook for a local feed the homeless program.

“When it comes to dealing with the impact of and changes following a divorce, it’s essential that parents have their priorities straight and implement them accordingly,” says Anthony. “People’s first priority should always be the well-being of their children. Parents must be mindful of the fact that their children will be affected by the changes their parents are making in their life for the rest of the child’s life. Your spouse may stop being your spouse, they will not stop being the child’s other parent. You two will be connected through your children for the rest of your life.”

Just as your children will tell you that “they never asked to be born”, it’s also true that they never asked for the divorce. Therefore you should shield them from the consequences of the breakdown of the family as much as possible. When there are child support or spousal support obligations, the cheapest course of action is simply to pay them, rather than fight to avoid paying them. In the end, the money is used for your children and they will ultimately benefit.”

Anthony believes that “no one wins a custody dispute.” The anger and animosity between the parents will always negatively affect the child and in the end you will have a damaged child, and on top of that you will have impoverished parents who have spent all their money on lawyers and other professionals who they have enlisted in their war against the other person their child loves.

It is so important for parents to remain amicable with each other and with no animosity and to create a nurturing loving environment so their child’s future will be rosy and bright for their children and grandchildren long after the divorce is settled.

“The secret to an exceptional family lawyer is to be the person trying to reduce conflict by placing your child’s best interest above your own,” says Anthony. “Divorce cases are very much individualized in terms of what couples feel for each other but every one of them should create the best life for their child. The person that places their child first above all else will surely win the litigation.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Anthony Macri in an interview with Doug Llewelyn Friday, November 16th at 1:00 p.m. EST and Friday, November 30th at 1 p.m. EST with Jim Masters.

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