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Tanya Nesterenko of The Executive Presence to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

KING CITY, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 13, 2018 / -- If we don’t put energy into the culture we want in our organization, some sort of culture will take shape. To instill the culture we want, we need leaders to nurture a culture that supports growth, diversity, creativity and puts people before task while still achieving organizational results. A first step is building trust.

Success is achieved through building relationships and trust. All conversations have the potential to build trusting relationships. We can engage in conversations that will alienate our partners, or we can engage in conversations that will invite our partners to participate, co-create and build trust.

Tanya Nesterenko is the founder of The Executive Presence, where she supports and coaches individuals and teams to engage in conversational intelligence behaviours to have the optimal conversations for their intended impact.

“The Executive Presence is about making people who they're meant to be,” says Tanya. “Be your message.”

Communication is back and forth, expressive and receptive; it's giving information and receiving information. Communication intelligence is the ability to build rapport, to listen, to connect, and ask questions to co-create solutions.

“How can you be a leader for others if you're not leading yourself?” says Tanya. “Be Your Message” is about communicating your intended message in every interaction. If you can be your message, the way you show up will naturally engage people,” says Tanya. “If we make every interaction count, people will want to engage with us! When they show up to work, they actually really want to be there.”

Whether we're an organization of one or one in an organization of thousands, finding our purpose can help us identify who we are and how we can contribute, and enable us to connect as leaders. Tanya coaches leaders to help them find out who they are, understand and value their authenticity & strengths and then live those values with every interaction.

“Most people have never really been taught how to communicate. How to get our intended message across, how to get our needs met, how to refuse, how to ask for clarification, how to debate” says Tanya. What attracts the clients to the executive presence is that people are now realizing the power of communication and how communication is a change agent for relationship building and impact. Now that you realize that communication is like a super power, what do I do with it? How do I use it? How do I strengthen it or even change it so that I can have my intended impact?

My aspiration as a coach is to be the wizard behind the curtain, supporting others to make their own magic happen for themselves. I’m so honored to be able to empower and bring out the best in people.

CUTV News Radio will feature Tanya Nesterenko in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on November 15th at 11am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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