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Dr. Julianne Blake to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2018 / -- Dr. Julianne Blake is on a mission to educate women - and men - listeners about self-awareness, self-love and a whole different way of eating and living for more joy. She knows that when a person passionately wants something, is open to the belief that it’s possible, and feels they are worthy of having it, then the goal becomes real - whether that goal is for great personal success, notable financial gain, finding true love, or dramatically improving the health of their physical body.

Moreover, when Dr. Blake guides people, she never does it blindly. She’s credentialed in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, has travelled the world to learn many kinds of alternative medicine, and has herself confronted a degenerative disease, multiple sclerosis. After being diagnosed, dancer Julianne deepened her career focus. With her Master’s degree in Counseling and PhD in Clinical Psychology, she began to focus her skills in meditation, acupuncture, psychology, art and other alternative methods, to bolster immunity and magnify vital health. She started to teach clients to build the emotional strength they need to deal with auto-immune disease, as she learned to deal with her own MS. Today she is much better, and she has clients from all walks of life with very different challenges. She confidently says they are doing “way better!” too.

The problem Dr. Blake says, comes from the early programming of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious sense of self, she notes, is concretized in our mind in youth. The typical two-year-old will hear the word “no“ 400 times in a day, yet hardly ever hear praise and positive phrases like “that’s good,” or “you’re wonderful.” (that may be only 5 to 10 times a day.) Then as adults, we are often stuck with a mindset that we’re bad, unworthy, or powerless. Helping people take back control, break through and be empowered -- both physically and emotionally — has become Dr. Blake’s chosen mission. Even though the sense of self is completely formed by age seven, she says it can be changed by those who choose to, and make the conscious effort to do so. They just need to learn how.

In her extended series on CUTV News Radio, Dr. Blake will talk about the steps she takes to support her clients. From guided meditations and self-exploration homework, to coaching and motivational tools, she offers many different ways to nurture yourself. For starters, Dr. Blake advocates hydration -- drinking water that’s purified and more natural, and way more of it. She also encourages taking natural forms of vitamins and supplements, using CBD oil, and changing diets to more real and whole foods. One reason Americans keep getting fatter and sicker, Dr. Blake says, is because our immune systems do not know how to handle all the toxins that come at us, such as highly processed or overly-sweetened foods, stressful lifestyles, and poor relationships. The body treats these like an invading virus or bacteria and reacts.

The disease Dr Blake has particularly focused on is Cancer. She notes that 30 years ago, the rate of
women with breast cancer was about 1 in 8. Now it has become 1 in 3 and is rapidly moving to 1 in 2! Soon 50% of women will grapple with this disease. While she can’t by law make any claims regarding a “cure,” doctor Blake knows the regime she lives with and recommends makes a difference—and may have some testimonials shared on the air.
She’ll lead a meditative experience with listeners and give them an idea of the miracles we all can create.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Julianne Blake in a 12-part Series with hosts Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters, beginning on Mon, Nov 12 at 2:00pm EST.

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