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Sean K. Juhl Divulges His Predictions for Small Business Over the Course of the Next Decade

The last decade revolutionized small businesses and Sean K. Juhl believes small business will continue flourishing throughout the next decade.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2018 / -- Small business has had a good decade. Globalization and social networking have allowed small businesses to find new avenues of market penetration. There is no doubt that the progression of small businesses has been positive, swift and rewarding. Although, now that small businesses have seen such growth throughout the last decade, what is going to happen now? The rapid growth has left many entrepreneurs wondering what is left for the growth of small business.

Fortunately, Sean K. Juhl believes that small business will continue to thrive over the course of the next decade. Sean Juhl reasons that while the internet and the subsequent technological advances were huge, they are only laying the groundwork. The small business empire has a strong foundation, but it is far from its peak.

Freelance Workers are on the Rise

Globalization has increased the availability of freelance talent throughout the world. Now, instead of hiring a full-time worker, small businesses can hire a qualified freelancer. Even if the upfront cost is steeper, the overall cost is far more affordable. After all, the business only pays for work that they need at present. The business could have a one-off job with a freelancer, or work with them for years. Either way, there is no long-term commitment expected from the business. Therefore, the business ends up getting better work for a fraction of the long-term cost.

AI is Essential to Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is massive. Yet, the idea and practice are still in its infancy. That means that over the next decade, people are going to be learning a lot more about it. This opens the door for tech startups, but it also has the potential to aid other small businesses. Sean K. Juhl believes that AI will help small businesses to the same degree as the internet.

The US is Still Globally Relevant

The US is a superpower, not only politically, but more importantly to small businesses, entrepreneurially. The freedoms and encouragements Americans have in following their dreams far surpass most other countries. Therefore, Americans have embraced that freedom, which has advanced the country’s entrepreneurial potential.

Plus, from a monetary standpoint, according to Stratfor Worldview, the United States will continue to see economic growth. The US is the core of the world market, especially following the economic crisis in Europe. The United States was vital in evening out the flow of funds and pulling the continent out of financial ruin. America would only be able to do that if the country’s own bankroll could afford it, without sinking alongside them.

In summation, Sean K Juhl is confident in the continued advancement of small businesses throughout the next decade. From an economical, technological, and globalized standpoint, the small business market is strong and continuing to garner strength. After all, small businesses have been able to adapt and thrive for centuries. The only thing that technology and globalization has done is make that adaptation easier and more widespread.

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