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Luvienz the most avant-garde beverage of the world

Luvienz was created through the marriage of the effervescence of Champagne with the delicacy of Caviar, live the Luvienz experience

LONDON, GB, November 6, 2018 / -- Luxury is defined by a privilege often highly sought after, a divine nectar combining the two most prestigious symbols of gastronomy, truly resonates privilege.

Luvienz was created with the ambition of offering a bespoke tasting experience. Through the marriage of the effervescence of Champagne with the delicacy of Caviar, Luvienz® created something unique in the world. Caviar brings persistence, length in the mouth and that's exactly what is expected in a fine wine.

Several years of research were necessary to develop the perfect blend. The idea was conceived in 2013 by the two co-founders, Guillaume Laborie and Leevy Pennaneach and was officially launched in 2017 after an intensive research and development phase. The name aptly combines the words deviance and luxury, as Luvienz is an exceptional product which breaks all the rules in a modern day ‘alchemy,’ resulting in a deep grey coloured wine, which melts in the mouth.

It all began when Leevy was regularly travelling to eastern Europe and brought back some Caviar, which he, Guillaume and friends tasted with Champagne. It then took a couple of years to put together the investment required to develop the concept, and appoint a team of sommeliers and oenologists. Guillaume already had the contacts as he has been involved in the wine trade since he way 10 years old, and he is a third generation wine merchant.

Leevy Pennaneach, Chairman and Co-Founder of Luvienz, commented, “We are proud and excited to have brought a world first to market combining the most prestigious symbols of gastronomy. The production is limited as Luvienz is complex to create”

Luvienz uses 100% chardonnay grapes from the Côte des Blancs premium vineyards and has selected an exceptional house. The renowned grape variety is ideally aged and has an infinitely delicate aroma with citrus, floral, and sometimes mineral notes.

The dark amber coloured Ossetra Caviar is produced by renowned houses and is characterised by marine, buttery and almond flavours. Over a five-day period a patented process of grinding, pressing and filtering at controlled temperatures, results in Caviar extract being obtained and then blended with Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru. Luvienz’ nose is affirmed, all in elegance, with delicate perfume of citrus and fresh hazelnuts. Its unsweetened mouth is ample, generous, with good persistence. Caviar brings a iodine and buttered touch on the palate.

As an aperitif, you can pair Luvienz with some warmed blinis or simply Caviar. It also goes well with a seafood platter, salmon, carpaccio of langoustines, turbot fish and sushi. It also sublimates hard cheese. Concerning pairing with dessert, nothing beats the associations with cooked citrus.

Luvienz also innovated in the bottle design inspired by the latest innovations in the glass sector mixing traditional shapes and modern curves. More than one year of Research was necessary in order to fit the constraints of pressure inside the bottle linked to the effervescence of the beverage. The elegant black bottle is signed with 24k gold leafs and comes in a beautiful black wooden box.
For display combining all the French savoir-faire into one product, an elegant pearled leather and wood treasure chest has been made, in very limited edition, which after the Luvienz has been consumed, undergo a metamorphosis into a vanity case or watch case for precious possessions.

The democratisation of luxury is gaining momentum, therefore there is the inevitable counter-trend of extreme luxury, recreating exclusivity that is lost if luxury products such as champagne is available to the masses. Champagne, which was a drink for special occasions has now become a common tipple.

This has had a knock-on impact of the Champagne houses’ brand positioning, so they are now creating special cuvées and vintages in a bid to find something rare, bespoke, and exclusive for a high-net-worth client base. But Luvienz has gone one step further, by creating something truly unique instead - a marriage of the two epicurean icons fused into one exceptional beverage.

Luvienz the most avant-garde beverage of the world. Forget everything they told you. Live the Luvienz at

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