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Heather McPherson of My Healing in Life to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WASKOM, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 / -- If our medical field is improving, our hospitals should be shrinking, but they're not; they're growing. Pharmaceutical drug sales are skyrocketing, which means more people are on medications. The system we have only seems to work for those who profit from it. Meanwhile, we're not getting better. Something is missing.

Heather McPherson is a certified Emotion Code practitioner and the founder of My Healing in Life, an energy healing practice dedicated to helping individuals release the negative energy preventing them from living the life they were meant to live.

“I want to be able to encourage others that they can heal,” says McPherson. “Our bodies are meant to heal and I want that healing to allow my clients to live life to its fullest and be who they were meant to be. I want people to have that hope that they can reach their full potential and not be scared that they won't be able to do it because of their health.”

The Emotion Code was first developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who discovered that he could identify trapped emotions, negative energy stored in our bodies from trauma or other emotional events in life. In session, McPherson can identify imbalances in a body and release them, thus allowing the body to self-heal and self-regulate as it was created to do.

“I’ve always suspected there was a link between our emotional trauma and our physical ailments but I didn’t feel that anyone had the courage to talk about this link until Dr. Bradley,” says McPherson.

McPherson says the Emotion Code helped her tremendously. Later, she decided to pay it forward and practice Emotion Code for other people.

“I feel that through the Emotion Code, people can actually heal,” says McPherson. “With this tool, we're able to do healing painlessly, without medication, without side effects, without hospital visits. We're able to do it holistically and our body is able to recognize it.”

Because our bodies are made of energy, pure, vibrating energy. Each of us has a vibrating energy specifically to ourselves, which makes each person so very unique. The Emotion Code releases the negative energy that we store within ourselves.

“My passion for helping people is to give them the hope that they can actually heal, that they don't have to be sick and that many of their problems have a very simple solution. It's been exciting and encouraging to see people healing without medication and to know that their body has the power to do that,” says McPherson. “I feel like I have finally found what it is that I'm good at and that I can help people. I hope to continue my education and continue getting better so that I may be a better service to those who are in need.

CUTV News Radio will feature Heather McPherson in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on November 9th at 3pm EST.

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