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A Letter From Dr Russell Pridgeon – The Man Who Fulfilled the Australian PM’s Promise

Dr Pridgeon writes to his medical colleagues explaining his arrest by the AFP and why he helped the sexually abused children Prof Briggs referred to him.

we can promise a country where we commit to hear and believe our children”
— Prime Minister Scott Morrison
MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, November 1, 2018 / -- Gumshoe News has covered Dr Russell Pridgeon's arrest by the AFP (Operation Noetic), and also a response to its unfairness. It has now published the letter that Dr Russell Pridgeon wrote to his medical colleagues to explain his recent arrest. We have investigated the background and documents relating to this story, and have no doubts about the doctor's integrity.

Dr Pridgeon also wrote countless times to the Minister for Child Safety in Queensland, forwarding the late Prof Freda Brigg’s damning report, and asking the minister to assist the children in question. However, any plea to authorities to help these children seems to fall on deaf ears.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in his now-famous apology to victims of child abuse, delivered in Australia’s Parliament on October 24, 2018, said:

“…we can promise a country where we commit to hear and believe our children, to work together to keep children safe, to trust them and, most of all, to respect their innocence.”

In the title of this article Gumshoe indicates that Dr Pridgeon is a fulfiller of the PM’s promise.

In Dr Russell Pridgeon's LETTER, he WRITES:

"On 30 May 2018 I wrote to the Minister of Child Safety in Queensland advising her that:

“I am one of many people who sheltered and protected them [the children], in the four years that they were free of ongoing abuse. At various times I drove vast distances to transport them between places of safety... This was one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to help these children escape the horrific abuse inflicted upon them by fiends, and enabled by Rogue Judges, lawyers and Policemen who actively hid the truth, ignored evidence, and facilitated child rape, effectively trafficking these children to paedophiles.”

"This email was cc’d to The Minister of Police in Queensland, and to Hon Christian Porter, the Federal Attorney General.

"I became involved in this after the late Prof Freda Briggs AO, Australia’s pre-eminent authority of child sexual abuse, asked me as a doctor, to support the mother, using my experience in trying to save other children to help them. The children had been taken from the mother and given to the father, despite multiple disclosures of abuse, so their sexual abuse continued for years.

"...Nearly 40 years of medicine have not provided me with greater grief and horror. My endeavours to protect abused children have resulted in the near complete destruction of my life. These were not my children, yet I could not as a moral man, or as a doctor turn my back on them, and leave them to be abused. I protected them, when the law utterly failed to protect them, because I could do nothing else: I would have been ashamed to do less. I knew I was breaking the law, I also knew that if I did not help them they would be returned for ongoing rape.

"I also knew that it is impossible to evade the law indefinitely, and... despite numerous disclosures by the abused children, to the child protection authorities, the perpetrators of child abuse remain at large, untroubled by the law. Contrast this to the vast AFP operation to apprehend those who risked everything to protect these children.

"The Medical Council of NSW have suspended my medical registration indefinitely. I believe that my actions were those of a moral man, following the best and the highest traditions of the medical profession."

Since Gumshoe started writing articles about the Family Court injustices they have been contacted by so many people describing how crucial evidence was discarded in sexual abuse cases; about how they were intimidated by authorities; how they have become financially destitute; and that children are just NOT believed. It seems it is a system that punishes anyone who dares to protect children.

By Dee McLachlan, filmmaker (The Jammed), and founder of Gumshoe News

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