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Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Emotional health is the panacea for a wise America.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

The main sauce of wisdom is a humble self-image that stems from selflessness. Or one can say wisdom is selflessness that stems from humility.

Wisdom is a function of the self-image, in other words how we answer the question, 'Who am I?' determines the wisdom level.”
— Sajid Khan
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 29, 2018 / -- Why is it that mindfulness improves the physical and emotional health but does not make one wise. It is because it tries to educate, relax and change the mind. The mind is the fragrance of the brain. To change a fragrance the plant has to be nurtured. As the mind is a self-conscious fragrance mindfulness has the effect of 'mind-washing' the mind. The mind-washing gradually over many decades seeps into the brain, partially improving the brain.

Emotional-Intelligence/wisdom is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. While regular education is a function of the mind, wisdom is a function of the brain. As mindfulness does not directly address the brain issues, mindfulness takes a long time to create wisdom.

I have a better program to heal the self much faster into wisdom. I have my own version of brainfulness. The mind and brain are lumped together as just the mind when these are two separate entities. I have defined the mind and brain as follows:

1) Mind. The self-image is the face of the mind. Define the mind as the self-image. Measure the self-image to measure the mind. Heal the self-image to heal the mind. The mind works in words.

2) The brain is an organ of the body. The question is; is the brain in the mind/self's full control or is the brain controlling the self? The brain works in emotions.

Wisdom is a function of the self-image, in other words how we answer the question, 'Who am I?' determines the wisdom level.

The brain roughly has four levels as follows: (Any wonder why we have approximately 4 classes of people.)

1) The premature mind/brain. (-2) This level brain creates dictators, murderers, rapists, terrorists etc. A totally selfish self-image.
2) The immature mind/brain. (-1) This level creates corrupt people. A partly selfish self-image.
3) The mature mind/brain. (+1) This level creates egoist people. Truce. A mostly egoistic self-image.
4) The super mature mind/brain. (+2) This is the wisdom level. Peace. A selfless self-image.

Wisdom is created by a +2 self-image and wisdom is a function of a +2 emotionally healthy brain.

Wisdom is a tree and its attributes are the fruit. The quality of the fruit is determined by the quality of the tree. The tree of wisdom is the tree of the self-image. It is the self-image that determines the quality of the attributes/fruit. Our wisdom experts try to create the attributes directly and it is just as hard as it is to create the fruit on its own, without the tree. One needs to not only improve the quality of the tree,(which mindfulness does do) one needs to heal/change the tree from the lower quality level/levels to the highest +2 level.

We are told to be loving, compassionate, caring etc. These are all fruit of the self-image tree. Let's consider the attribute of love:

Love is the king of emotions and just like kings it can be of the following quality:

1) Totally selfish and self-centered. (-2).
2) Mostly self-centered and partly selfish. (-1)
3) Partly selfless and yet egoistic. (+1)
4) Selfless. (+2)

So if a person has one of the lower levels of love and is educated to give up the lower level and acquire the +2 level then it is like trying to educate the self to change from say -2 to +2. It is the same as trying to get the -2 tree to produce +2 fruit. The sure way it can be done is to change/heal the -2 tree/self-image into +2.

Suppose the attributes of wisdom are houses. The question is what is the brick and mortar of these houses. What are these houses made from? The brick and mortar are selflessness and humility. The main sauce of wisdom is a humble self-image that stems from selflessness. Or one can say wisdom is selflessness that stems from humility. Selflessness is the highest quality of the self-image that stems from humility. It is humility that that powers each and every attribute of wisdom into wisdom. So just let's define wisdom as humility. Humility is a fully known quantity. It can be defined and explained clearly. It can be measured and created.

Our Black girls are doing very well as they are raised humble. Our Black boys are struggling only because they are raised macho.

Creating humility means raising our children as selfless as humanly possible. And for those older, we need to heal the self-image from selfishness to selflessness.

Wisdom is a function of the self-image and is determined by humility. The sauce of all the attributes of wisdom is humility. Wisdom is humility.

Here are my press releases regarding humbleness as humbleness itself is covered in confusion.

Here is a perfect example of how the self-image determines wisdom.

Another problem with current wisdom education is not knowing the true nature of the mind and even worse lumping the brain and mind as the single entity of the mind. Wisdom is a function of the brain and the brain happens to be under the radar screen of our experts. So wisdom education tries to teach the mind the half-baked knowledge of wisdom when wisdom education is about healing the brain.

Showing a person to behave good does not change anything. Changing/healing the self-image changes everything. It makes one wise.

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