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Dr. Madelyn Blair Returns to CUTV News Radio

JEFFERSON, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2018 / -- Dr. Madelyn Blair has become a favored guest here at CUTV News and is fast becoming known as The Master of Resilience. While she does guide individuals and business groups on how to be more resilient to market shifts and successful in that special moment before choosing or reacting, there are many different things Dr. Blair has to teach us. She has shared much of her personal history in business and people management, primarily while at the World Bank. She has shared tales of her travels as an engaging speaker, facilitator and business coach (individually and with groups). As she continues her ten-part series, listeners will get to know the spectrum of Dr. Blair’s talents, experience, and knowledge--as well as her work as a speaker, team developer and author.

On Dr. Blair’s website, you’ll see a testimonial quote that praises Dr. Blair’s theoretical background and how it shapes her abilities and relationships. With an early degree in Math that she parlayed into a career in Finance and Economics, and then a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology--which brings new insights into the human element--Dr. Blair certainly has an intimate understanding of all kinds of industries and subjects. This is why she can so readily assist business clients with personnel dilemmas, such as when a star performer cuts another off in meetings and becomes a real pain—you want to correct it, yet you don’t want to curtail their performance.

Throughout the radio shows, you’ll hear Dr. Blair explain how to form and strengthen various leadership capabilities, how to deal with all types of team issues, and how to build excellence and intellectual curiosity (Madelyn herself is a lifelong learner who loves to read and inquire, delve into new subjects, and add them to the framework in her great mind.) She will also illustrate ways to improve communication and pose questions, so that an employee’s query is viewed as a request for new information, as opposed to criticism, or a threat to management.

Dr. Blair truly enjoys interacting with people and speaking before groups of every size. In a workshop or theater, however, she can only reach out to so many people, usually less than 250. By appearing on the radio, she feels she can widen her sphere of influence, and, coupled with the Internet, reach an infinite number of thinkers and aspiring leaders! Reaching more people through diverse media is another reason she writes books, such as Riding the Current and Essays in Two Voices, which she will speak about soon. Be sure to listen in and learn when you might expect to see volume two of Riding the Current.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Madelyn Blair in interviews with Doug Llewelyn on Tuesdays Oct 30 and Nov 13, and Jim Masters on Nov 20 and 27, each at 12:00noon EST

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