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Linda Zelnik of ALTA Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2018 / -- After a career in business and teaching that spanned nearly 20 years and took her to countries like Chile and China, where she was called a Lao Wai (honored foreigner) Linda Zelnik took her skills in a new direction. She had discovered new outlets for her gifts--assessing ability, guiding people, nurturing potential and growth. That is when Linda went on to pursue the John Maxwell Certification as a professional coach. She’s been coaching now for almost four years and earlier this year “hung out her shingle” with the name ALTA Coaching on it. Linda feels having her own business will allow her to make an even broader impact.

With ALTA Coaching, Linda focuses on different yet integrated services. She conducts leadership assessments at Lipscomb using the OSI CORE formula, and also professional coaching, performance coaching, and speaks about leadership and development. While the coaching field may be growing, and we hear about it more often and in diverse media, Linda feels it is not always clear to people-- who tend to associate coaching with sports or mistake it for therapy. She uses her talents and knowledge to help people who are currently whole and thriving but want to become phenomenal! Linda helps clients to clearly see where they want to be, outline the plan for getting there, and work the steps one-on-one.

Linda enjoys working with women, nonprofits and small- to mid-sized companies, because it can be hard for them to find support in their current/desired profession or niche. However, her clientele has become a rich mix of genders, ages and professions. That’s how it was when she started coaching at Lipscomb University--helping mid-career people advance their education and boost their competencies. There Linda wrote the curriculum for leadership competency development, led other staff, and began doing one-on-one coaching. It led to transformations unmatched by anything she’d seen in all her years of teaching! Students jumped one and two levels, many of them in as short as four months, with the coaching support.

Linda says much of that comes from connecting in a judgement-free zone, working from people’s best intent, and developing with positivity. These are things she also believes are integral to a good coaching relationship. Honesty, full confidentiality, and the freedom to express feelings are also important on the route to achieving all you want.

Although Linda was never truly a stand-up trainer, she once worked as the culture manager for a mid-sized marketing firm, where she created and facilitated the smooth integration of new employees. While at Lipscomb University she did a fair amount of teaching and training, both in person and online. And she hopes to organically grow the speaking part of her business. Mainly, Linda provides the kind of professional coaching that helps people to switch fields, move up from a mostly supportive role to a more managerial one or develop themselves into order to better lead their teams and organizations. We coach the whole person, she emphasizes, since life concerns and business concerns sometimes cross, and stress can keep people from reaching their bigger goals. Coaching relationships might last 3-6 months, since continuity and longevity improve the outcome, but it’s all really up to the client.

CUTV News Radio will feature Linda Zelnik of ALTA Coaching in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Monday, October 29 at 12:00 noon EDT

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