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Infinite Beauty explains how to naturally repair sun damaged skin

Infinite Beauty

Exposure to sunlight has many benefits but left unprotected, skin can really suffer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2018 / -- Sensible exposure to the sun's rays can have many benefits on the body, from improving mood to triggering production of vitamin D, essential to good health. Left unprotected, however, the body's skin is often first to suffer the adverse effects of the sun's UV rays, and even with protection, damage may still occur. Thankfully, Infinite Beauty has rounded up a number of suggestions to soothe and repair skin damaged by time spent in the sun.

From lemon juice to coconut oil and vitamin C supplements, the beauty brand has identified several all-natural solutions for sun damaged skin. Starting by revealing the benefits of lemon juice, Infinite Beauty, which boasts seven boutique spa locations across the U.S., explains that the acidity in the fruit prompts new cell production, helping to nourish skin troubled by sun damage.

"Lemon juice is identified as a wonderful organic remedy for sun damage to the skin, especially on the neck and chest," suggests Eric Inbar, Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations. "A little lemon juice on a cotton ball is just enough to stimulate all-natural cell healing and production."

The brand proposes gently swabbing sun damaged areas, leaving the lemon juice on the skin until it has dried – but no longer than 25-30 minutes. Once dry, wash with warm water, says Infinite Beauty, to hydrate the skin, then apply moisturizer.

In a similar vein, the boutique beauty business next points toward coconut oil.

Loaded with healthy, fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, coconut oil aids beautifully in diminishing inflammation from UVA and UVB exposure from the sun, says Inbar. "Fatty acids moisturize the skin naturally, and vitamin E works as an organic antioxidant, helping to reduce inflammation," he adds. "A little goes a long way, so use sparingly."

Third among Infinite Beauty's suggestions is supplementary vitamin C. Encouraging healthy cell regrowth, the vitamin is touted to tackle premature aging of the skin, discouraging production of the enzymes responsible for causing dark spots, and boosting collagen production.

"Reach for products such as lotions and serums which contain vitamin C," Inbar suggests, speaking on behalf of Infinite Beauty. Consuming foods which contain vitamin C, such as kale, kiwi, and oranges, can help too, he points out.

Lastly, the brand highlights its own so-called 'signature facials.'

Massage, exfoliation, masks, and steaming—all of which are employed during Infinite Beauty's facial procedures—are known to facilitate skin revitalization.

"This rejuvenation is a perfect way to counter possible damage to the skin from sun exposure," adds Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations, wrapping up, "simultaneously giving it a healthy, balanced, and robust glow."

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