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Carol A. Stormer to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ABERDEEN, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2018 / -- If we happened to fall on misfortune such as injury or illness how do we spend our time? How much time do we partake in working, sleeping, and leisure activities. If all these things can help us live a purposeful life, we need someone who can provide us with direction to ultimately help us define our life’s goals.

Carol Stormer is an exceptional Occupational therapist with over twenty six plus years of experience.

“Occupational therapy is an umbrella rehabilitation specialty that examines the functions and day to day task for how people occupy their time, we then figure out how they can do it much more productively,” says Carol. “It’s a holistic perspective on how your mind, body, and spirit are genuinely connecting.”

According to Carol a significant amount of people are not living a healthy lifestyle which makes it more challenging to help them improve if they engage in unhealthy activities like smoking, drugs, or follow an unhealthy diet.

“Our goal is holistic lifestyle,” says Carol. “Notably, there is tremendous value in Eastern medicine as well as Western medicine. As a society we woefully rely way too much on medication instead of examining the root cause of our issues and in many instances it’s the way a person Is living their lifestyle like lack of exercise or eating a massive amount of junk food that will create problems.”

Carol highly commends natural healing including yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness, yoga, exercise and a nourishing diet to restore health and vitality.

“One of the premises of living your life in total equilibrium means we can’t be workaholics and expect a balanced lifestyle because we will become absolutely exhausted and highly stressed,” says Carol. “In the United States there is appalling expectation for people to work an overwhelming amount of hours and limiting our social lives.”

According to Carol it’s critical to analyze how factors in our lives affect our physical and mental overall sense of well-being, how much time we spend at work, quality of sleep, what do we do for fun as well as genuine enjoyment. Is there a balance in our lives so we can remain steadfastly healthy? Make certain you’re productive, maintain a fulfilling social life, eat healthy foods, exercise with what you truly enjoy most like dancing, sports, etc. It’s a basic premise but we have lost touch with that!

“It’s not about telling people how to live their lives and what activities or choices they should make,” says Carol. “it’s about people identifying what is significantly important to their lives and creating something tangible that promotes their total health and well-being.”

For Carol practicing what she preaches is essential. Hiking, spending time in nature, exercising, maintaining a moderately healthy diet, and a social support network is essential to her own joy and happiness.

“I thoroughly love connecting with people making a difference in my life and their own,” says Carol. “I value living a content and gratifying experience and I want that for others whose lives I can continue to touch.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Carol Stormer in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday October 24th at 2 p.m. EST.

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