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Guinevere de Amblia of Edge Walker Life Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / -- Empowerment is the process of discovering and aligning the confidence, strengths and self-determination in your life.

As a transgender woman, Guinevere de Amblia knows the risks of becoming true to one’s self at the deepest level. She speaks from experience when she says, “With a bit of courage, the right kind of support, and yes, some risk, successful change always leads to a rich, fulfilling life.”

When Guinevere transitioned eight years ago, her entire life changed, but she didn’t realize on how many levels. There was the obvious, of course, but her interests changed; what she cared about changed; the depth of how she felt about people changed; but most of all, she became aware of the common struggles we all share.

Today, as the founder of Edge Walker Life Coaching, Guinevere offers an inspiring, lighthearted, results-driven platform for clients who are navigating life’s changes. The idea of transitioning or coming out isn’t limited to sexuality or gender. “Eventually life forces all of us to choose between becoming real, and showing up in our lives, or staying safely—if not miserably— hidden away,” de Amblia says.

As a Certified Whole Person Life Coach, de Amblia has three specialty areas of coaching. The first is professional men and women. Business owners, writers, teachers, creative artists, to name just a few, who are busy and want to manage their time more efficiently, will benefit greatly from de Amblia’s coaching series entitled, “Empower Your Journey in 8 Easy Steps©”. Results include integrated and sustainable decision making—leading to balance in all aspects of her clients’ lives.

De Amblia also offers Whole Person Life Coaching for anyone in the gender questioning or transgender spectrum. Those who are questioning their gender, just starting hormones, are pre-op or post-op, are a transwoman or transman, will gain from de Amblia’s personal experience and training in this process. Her heartfelt style emphasizes holding a safe place for individuals to explore what they are experiencing, so that they can move gently into designing and implementing any actions they may want to take.

There is also a coaching area for “Life Events” in de Amblia’s practice. “At times, certain events take place in our lives that seem devastating. Getting back in the game in a healthy way can make sense of change,” she says. de Amblia has spent a lot of time on her own personal development in the last ten years. “Now there’s nothing about myself that scares me anymore. The world didn’t stop when I embraced who I really am and what I really wanted.” In fact, that acceptance has been wildly empowering, she says. “Helping others regain their personal strength is both an honor and an amazing journey!”

CUTV News Radio will feature Guinevere de Amblia in an interview with Jim Masters on October 25th at 1pm EDT.

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